Whole Grains Key To Control Blood Pressure

Whether it's pancakes, muffins, pizza crust, bread, or buns, they are consumed daily with our meals. These items can also contribute to better health if they are made with better ingredients. According to recent research, instead of eating refined wheat versions of these products, which are the most common, try whole grain options instead.

When the whole grain versions of bread, pancakes, and pizza crust are consumed instead of refined wheat versions, blood pressure is easier to control. As a result, a diet of whole grains may greatly reduce the risk of heart disease, especially in obese or overweight adults.

High blood pressure or hypertension typically increases as people get older or when they are overweight. It can impact a wide range of conditions especially heart health and kidney healthy. It can also lead to stroke.

Refined grains are less healthy than whole grains because they have been milled which takes away the bran and the germ, both of which provide the grain with it's healthy nutrients including fiber and B vitamins.

It's easy to add whole grains to your diet. Many baking mixes are available that combine a wide range of whole grains including sorghum flour, millet flour, brown rice flour, and quinoa flour. The combination of grains helps complement all of the nutrients and creates a nice flavor.

The Treatmo App has whole grain baking mixes that are easy to use to make delicious baked items that may contribute to better health. Try Whole Note 7 Grain Baking Mixes or Blends By Orly. Both are Gluten Free. When you download Treatmo these whole grain baking mixes are just a tap to order.


By Spiro Zefferys

Treatmo Team

Certificat in Plant Based Nutrition