Treatmo New Product Pages Are Loaded With Features

One Screen Gives Shoppers Everything They Need

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Treatmo App’s new product pages give shoppers everything they need to know about your food product and brand, how and where to shop your products, and how to connect with your store.


It makes everything easy to see and accessible in a tap. The full range of features is the most comprehensive set of commerce tools for your company. It allows the most detailed description of your product as transparency about the product, its benefits, and food values are important to shoppers of natural food items.

Because Treatmo is a omni-channel selling tool, it provides the options about how to get the products - shipping, local delivery, local pick up and even mobile pay. If there are different pick up locations, customers can tap on the indicator and see what’s most convenient for them.

With mobile shopping, loyalty rewards is an important incentive. Shoppers can easily see how many loyalty points are awarded for the purchase if the Loyalty Program is activated.

After shoppers view your product, shoppers can learn about your brand at the bottom of the screen. Provide a slogan, description, and location for your business.

Treatmo App Full Product Page Features


Most importantly, upload multiple high resolution images of your product. In the app, the images stands out and your food product looks ready to order. Once an order is placed, the check out process is streamlined and smooth reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Treatmo App has established world-class mobile ordering and payments technology for natural food products and, with advanced product pages, is a shopping and message app for the future for small food businesses who want no barriers to success.

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