Why Shopping From Small Businesses Can Make A Big Difference

You frequently hear about it during the holidays, but what does Small Business Saturday mean, and why should you pay attention?

Small businesses across the U.S. of which there are approximately 28 million as of the last census, include everything from shops to restaurants. 22 million of these businesses are individually operated. But what is small business and why make the extra effort.

In your town or city, there are food makers and shop owners making and providing food, goods or services right next door to larger business neighbors. They might be off the main stretch of brand name stores, at a farmers market or only visible through an online store while working towards a physical space.

An individual who decides to open a small shop faces a huge amount of competition from big business. To survive, small business operators often find a niche area of business where they know they can offer a better product or service than a larger company. Going into business with something less makes survival tenuous.

But for customers, in many cases this means they can expect a higher quality product or service from a smaller business. It is worth making the effort to explore what local businesses offer if only to receive something better that lasts longer or has a bigger impact than a product off the shelf from a more well-known competitor.

All of these small businesses support a giant ecosystem that includes local printers, shippers, designers, hardware stores, farmers, craftsmen and more. When you shop local, you contribute to the livelihood of an entire community.

Food makers across the U.S., which comprise the estimated 28 million of small businesses supporting the U.S. economy, craft specialty and everyday food products. In many cases, these new food makers are making better for you food that exceeds the quality and experience of food on the shelves at your local big box store.

Innovative small startup food businesses have found a way to compete with larger chain grocery stores and coffee shops by carving out a space in natural, local and organic foods. Many of these small food businesses offer products that target key aspects of wellness and offer greater health benefits.

It is worthwhile to take the time and open your wallet to local food makers and small businesses as you may find an experience that brings an improvement to your life.

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