Treatmo Merchant Changing Diets In Rural Community

Located on an island in the Pacific Northwest, Bart’s Better Foods has crafted plant-based foods to offer alternatives to the standard fare of the local rural community. While preserving rural values, its food products provide a healthier option to those looking for it and for those who haven’t been exposed to better choices.

Bart’s Better Foods makes a frozen ready-to-prepare veggie burger mix that is made from a blend of real food that doesn’t contain soy, wheat, gums, palm oil, or other additives and preservatives. The veggie burger can be made in eight minutes in a sauté pan and can also we made into meatballs, a vegan Bolognaise sauce, and cooked into lasagna. Each 4 oz veggie patty contains 18 grams of protein.

Bart’s Better Burger Mix received a positive reception among those seeking plant-based options, but also among meat eating customers. This has been a positive sign for the company since most customers in the rural community are predominately meat eaters. Because of the veggie burger mix, more are including it once a week in their meal rotation. The inclusion of this burger which is rich in fiber has all of the health promoting benefits of a nutrition rich meal.

Bart’s Better Burger Mix - plant based with 18 grams of protein

Bart’s Better Burger Mix - plant based with 18 grams of protein

Bart’s Better Foods also makes hazelnut sauces, unflavored/original or chocolate. There are five ingredients and use Washington State hazelnuts. The sauce is dairy free and palm oil free and perfect on toast, frozen desserts, and on fruit. Another stand out product is their vegan caramel sauce. Not easy to find on most grocery store shelves, Bart’s vegan caramel sauce is rich in caramel flavor and has the same wonderful texture and creaminess of traditional caramel sauces. To go with the caramel sauce, Bart’s makes a vegan protein ice cream in chocolate flavor that is velvety soft and bursting with dark chocolate taste.

Lastly, Bart’s Better Foods makes a Pumpkin Hazelnut Roll cake that is also vegan. It’s similar to a coffee cake or cinnamon roll, but will less sugar, no dairy and no eggs. It’s a treat in the morning and a perfect alternative for those eating donuts in the more with their coffee.

Bart’s Better Foods launched their store on Treamto App in 10 minutes and set it up quickly for local delivery, local pick up at the farmers market, and for shipping its sauces across the U.S. After launching on Treatmo, its veggie burger and vegan roll cake made it onto grocery store shelves in just six weeks.

Bart’s Better Foods - Hazelnut Sauces and Vegan Caramel Sauce

Bart’s Better Foods - Hazelnut Sauces and Vegan Caramel Sauce

Building the brand community on Treatmo has been helpful and reorders have helped their business in the early stages keep the revenue stream stable. Treatmo makes reorders easy as previous orders are shown on the shopping screen and customers just tap the image to reorder quickly. The check out flow is simple and customers can access their order instantly at any time. Treatmo merchants can also send a shipping or pick up confirmation through the merchant website to give customers extra notification that the order is in process.

Combining the healthy food alternatives with Bart’s and the easy ordering capability of the Treatmo App, customers in the local rural community where they launched have experienced a new way to eat better.

Download Treatmo and shop Bart’s Better Foods.

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