Macro Food Trends to Anticipate in 2018

Blockchain to food waste, macro food industry trends to expect in 2018.

The UK's International Food Information council has named the biggest consumer trends for 2018. The IIFIC is a nonprofit which aims to communicate "science-based information on healthy, nutrition and food safety for the public good." Drawing on an in-house survey and health professional expertise, they identified the big trends impacting food in 2018.

The five major areas outlined by the nonprofit as key areas of consumer focus in 2018 included food waste, virtual shopping, blockchain, nutrigenomics, and clean labels and clean packaging.

Food waste

Consumers and businesses are becoming aware of environmental and sustainability issues. There is greater awareness than ever about food waste and the need to take greater care to reduce it. 

Virtual shopping

The digital world of shopping will continue to expand in new and exciting ways. With the rising interest in new products from packaged goods to perishables and technologies to access and create food, the food industry can anticipate a rise of innovation. 


The usefulness of blockchain is hitting many industries including the food industry. For food safety, supply chains, including traceability, blockchain will become a much more commonly used term in the food segment.


Expect this to be the year where personalized nutrition takes a big steps forward. Nutrigenomics is the study of how diet influences genes providing answers to why people respond differently to different diets. 

Clean labels and clean packaging

Simplicity is king. Consumers are looking for cleaner food with simpler ingredients, more transparently made. Food labels and packaging are changing to embrace the new demand. Product labelling and packaging for competitiveness are key areas of focus for food businesses of all sizes in 2018.

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