Change Up Your Breakfast Routine By Adding Pizza To The Menu

As unhealthy as it may sound, pizza is actually a great breakfast idea. It all depends on how it's made and the toppings to make it right for morning.

The managing director and founder of Bite UK a free from healthy snack and whole food staples brand, Jason Bull, recently told The Sun UK there is “no better time than breakfast” to enjoy a slice.

Pizza is loaded with carbohydrates which, if made healthy, makes it a great start to the day, fueling the body and mind with energy. The crust can also make the difference in the nutritional value.

As an ingredient supplier, Bull is an expert in rice and flour from around the world. He sees colorful pizzas with innovative crusts made from food like spinach and beets as a 2018 trend. Cauliflower pizza took the recipe world by storm in 2017, but look out for more crust contenders.

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