Best Foods to Reduce Stress and Hypertension

Nutrient rich foods that to eat when you're under pressure.

While everyone has their own way to deal with stress and hypertension (high blood pressure) from work and life situations, focusing on eating stress reducing foods may be an good option to consider. For some that may include grabbing a pint of cookie dough ice cream for instant comfort, but picking healthier foods to snack on can help to reduce stress better in the long run.

By picking the best foods to snack on and eat at meal times when you feel stress and even when you have no stress at all can keep your body and mind healthy and help you deal with stressful situation betters so that they doesn't lead to hypertension. In fact, snacking on healthful foods can be a very good stress eliminating activity.

The best foods have excellent nutrients that constantly work to lower blood pressure, improve mood, protect the nervous system, and reduce inflammation. These five vitamins and nutrients have stress reducing effects.


Tryptophan helps release serotonin into the GI tract, blood platelets, and nervous system which can contribute to a sense of well being and improved mood. Serious stress can lead to depressed feeling and foods rich in tryptophan can help overcome that.


Allicin is found in garlic and studies have shown that eating garlic can reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow, both keep components to reducing hypertension along with other conditions.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has also been found to reduce blood pressure along with being a powerful anti-oxidant.


Many people have high sodium diets from eating too many processed foods. Potassium can lessen the effect of sodium in the body as well as helping regulate many bodily functions which work to keep the body in balance and blood pressure down.

B Vitamins

All B vitamins are healthy to get regularly since they help convert food to fuel and also help metabolize fats and protein. Vitamin B6 help makes serotonin which improves mood. B Vitamins are also helpful for improving brain function and heart health, all of which help you deal with stress.

Here are some healthful stress-crushing foods from the Treatmo marketplace that are perfect for snacking.

nuts+nuts cashews - a source of tryptophan


Natural Sins Mango Chips - a source of B Vitamins


Fat Uncle Famrs - Garlic and Herb Almonds


Lemonette Garlic and Lemon Dressing - Vitamin C


Pulse Roasted Chickpease - Potassium


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