Majority of U.S. Grocery Shopping Online In Only 5 Years

Food Merchants Will Benefit By Selling Online

According to research by Nielsen and Food Marketing Institute, 70% of shoppers will be buying their groceries online in five years. Also, total online grocery spending could reach $100 billion in that time frame. The time frame changed from previous projections in that it sped up twice as fast. Originally it was thought that it would take ten years instead of only five.

In fact, per the research 49% of consumers have already bought a packaged good online within the last three months. This represents a dramatic shift as many shoppers our now comfortable buying daily needs products online and are getting used to the convenience.

As the shift accelerates, merchant making pantry items, snacks, and cooking ingredients - items which are easily sellable online - will benefit buy setting up digital store fronts. One app that makes it easy to sell in the digital and online space, almost immediately, is Treatmo.

Treatmo is a third party food shopping app that lets merchants create a store in the app and sell their food directly to shoppers by mobile phone. With a focus on local food merchants who make fresh, natural and healthful alternatives to main stream grocery store products, Treatmo creates access to a growing and accelerating market of digital grocery shoppers who are seeking better-for-you food.