The Healthiest Pantry Is Filled With Locally Made Foods

It's easy to find better healthier alternatives.

The pantry is the best place to stock healthy alternatives to you find in the grocery store and it's also easy to do. By shopping locally made options from condiments and dressings to snacks and pickled foods - and even baking items - you can turn your pantry into the healthiest place in the house.

Many locally made foods have better ingredients, are made in smaller batches, and can be fresher. This makes them more nutritious and flavorful so you can use and enjoy them more often. They may also contain less sodium and sugars compared to their counterparts on the grocery store shelf.

Ketchup, mustard, and relish are quick places to start. But also hot sauce, barbecue sauce, and tomato sauce have better alternatives to the major brands. If you didn’t think that horseradish could be sodium free, there are options out there. There are also a variety of healthier nut butters and seed butters available from small local producers that avoid highly processed ingredients found in many commercial nut butters. 

Looking to spice up your usual condiments and give them some new life ? Try innovative ketchups, jams, and even sauerkraut with jalapeño and habanero to give them some heat and spice. If your pantry is already stocked with hot sauce, try a new one with gourmet and innovative ingredients like umami flavor or a Thai green hot sauce.

Another way to keep your pantry healthy is to stock it with healthy snacks. While we think of snacks as just eating a little bit between meals, it helps to load up on healthier options. Swap out the cookies for flavored nuts, superfood bites, and protein chips. Roasted chickpeas and probiotic pistachios are also excellent choices.

If cook or bake at home often, try healthier baking items in your pantry. Whole ancient grain baking mixes, pure avocado oils from California, and wood fired maple syrup and sugar will give your baked goods and healthier and more flavorful edge. Hot happy with the seasonings from the store, try farm fresh dried seasoning mixes from a local farm for the best flavor.

The power of having amazing and healthier items in your pantry can’t be understated. It’s a way to eat better, cook better, and snack better. Your body will thank you and you’ll have more control of the what you eat every day. An easy way to make your pantry healthier is to shop on Treatmo. In the app you’ll find locally and healthier options to many pantries items, with more added every week. Items are easy to find - just search for the food you had in mind. Shop in a could taps and it’s on the way to your door.

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