Spicy Game Day Food

No party is complete without that heat!

We've got condiments, pickles, snacks and more spicy foods on our mind for Super Bowl weekend. Get your heat on with healthier foods. 

Here are a few all natural and local food items we are drooling over now and ordering ahead before the game.

1) The OKB "Hot" Barbecue Sauce

Yes to the heat, and yes, to the all natural, lower sodium and lower sugar than most, plus great flavor.

okb hot.jpg

2) Silly Chilly "Serrano & Chipotle"

Spice is so nice! Chipotle adds great dimension to food and spikes up the heat. 

silly chilly chiptle.jpg

3) Texas Black Gold "Mustard"

It's got black garlic for starters, and a subtle spice. It's the taste that wins the race.

shop spicy garlic mustard.jpg

3) ATX Artisan Market "Spicy Bread and Butter Pickles"

Pickle me this Batman. These pickles have no refined sugar, fresh pickles, turmeric and heat. Game on from Texas.

shop spicy pickles.jpg

4) ATX Artisan Market "Spicy Turkey"

It's got turmeric, paprika and cayenne. These folks know their spiced jerky game. We're picking up what they're puttin' down.

shop spicy turkey jerkey.jpg

5) Heidi's Salsa "Chupacabra's Revenge - Hot"

Never before have we met a more versatile salsa. For eggs, chips, enchiladas, tacos, and more -- this is a beautiful well-rounded fresh chopped, vinegar free hot salsa. Put kick in your step. Go for the good stuff.

shop heidis hot salsa.jpg

6) Brooklyn Whatever "Habañero Shketchup"

It's really true that once you find something you love, you can't live without it. This ketchup stands out in flavor, spice profile and texture. It's a winning spread! Go!

habanero ketchup brooklyn.jpg

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