3 Quick And Easy Vegan Ways To Use Tomato Sauce

When you think quick and easy dinner, you might fall back on spaghetti and tomato sauce. But tomato sauce can go so much further.

Hungry and short on time after work, you rush to the grocery store to buy a jar of tomato sauce that looks clean (less sugar, less salt and no preservatives) and tasty. Dinner follows and is done in 15 minutes. What you have afterwards is a jar of tomato sauce that sits in your fridge and gets pushed further and further to the back.

Tomato sauce can do so much more. We picked three ways to use tomato sauce using the top sauce we're enjoying right now, Jar Goods. Vine-ripened tomatoes, simple natural ingredients, and non-GMO, Jar Goods is more than spaghetti sauce. It's a way to liven up baked and stewed vegetables and trust with your gourmet pasta dishes. 

Three Simple Vegan Everyday Tomato Sauce Recipes

1) Tomato Cumin Baked Cauliflower - Jar Goods Tomato Sauce with Lemonette Dressings (shop both on Treatmo iOS App)

Method: Put florets from half a cauliflower into a bowl. Add: 3/4 cup of Jar Goods 'Classic Red' Tomato Sauce and 1/4 cup Lemonette Dressings 'Zesty Cumin'. If you want to turn up the heat, use the Jar Goods 'Classic Spicy'. Set oven to 400˚F and bake for 20 minutes or until desired tenderness.


2) Stewed Greens with Jar Goods Tomato Sauce - A Classic Greek Dish Called, Horta

Method: Roughly chop five medium leaves of swiss chard, add 1/4 inch of ginger, one large garlic clove, one cup of Jar Goods tomato sauce, one cup of water and 1/2 a tablespoon of Olive Oil (we used Napa Valley EVOO -California Made Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Available on Treatmo). Set pot on burner at medium high until boiling, add more water if the sauce is too thick and so as not to burn the greens. Simmer for 10-15 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste.

IMG_6139 (1).jpg

3) Artichoke Heart Pasta - Texas Gourmet Pasta and Jar Goods

Method: Turn burner to high heat. Boil water, add Artichoke Heart Pasta. Cook for 10 minutes or until desired tenderness. This vegan linguini is made with fresh veggies and whole durum wheat. It has no added sugar. It's hands down, amazing.


What's also exceptional about each of these dishes is they don't need any added salt (that's totally up to you). Jar Goods brings all flavor you need. 

Shop Jar Goods, Gourmet Texas Pasta, Lemonette Dressings and Napa Valley EVOO on Treatmo iOS App. Or if you know someone who is ready to dive into flavor, gift these brands through the app. See how.