The Secret Is out on Seawater For More Flavorful Food

For more robust tasting, well-rounded flavor, cook your pasta, fish and more with seawater.

When we initially heard about a seawater company out of Austin, Texas, we were intrigued. Then we ordered some through Treatmo and tested it out with pasta and lentils. The flavor definitely spoke for itself. 

People have cooked with seawater for centuries to season fish and shellfish. While you might not grab a bucket of Atlantic Ocean for your pasta off a beach in Montauk any time soon, you might want to try the pure, filtered version sourced from Spain from the Mediterranean Seawater company.

Cooking with seawater is more effective at seasoning food from within, for a deeper richer taste. Most pro chefs will tell you they salt throughout meal prep, not just one shake, but many. Mediterranean Seawater deepens the flavor of food and provides health benefits too with fewer shakes. 

Use Mediterranean in the same way you normally use salt, but expect more tantalizing results. And experience more health benefits than sea salt, which is highly processed, from Mediterranean Seawater where the minerals are left intact. 

Pictured here Gourmet Texas Pasta, get it on Treatmo. 

Pictured here Gourmet Texas Pasta, get it on Treatmo.