Easy Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread in under An Hour

Get pumped for fall with our "Pump Can" pumpkin bread. Gluten free, done in an hour.

The leaves start changing, days grow shorter, pumpkins grow orang-er? It might not be a word, but one thing is sure--fall fever is here.

This year we grew pumpkins in a small patch after starting them from seed in January. That's a long haul. Now that they're here we're ready to mix them into everything. Any questions about growing pumpkins? Just ask. We studied everything on how-to.

Growing pumpkins

Growing pumpkins

While you might not have time to carve or grow a pumpkin, this pumpkin bread is easy to make from scratch using 1/2 a can of organic pumpkin. This is an easy bread that we made with Whole Note Gluten Free Baking Mixes, available on Treatmo iOS App in a tap. The frosting recipe can be found here (we used organic cane sugar below).