3 Hot Sauces You'll Love in Treatmo

Add delicious heat and natural food to every bite.

Hot sauce can be so addictive. For those who think that food is a bit bland without the fire of chile in every mouthful, having a bottle of a favorite hot sauce on the table is a must. Some find hot sauce so crucial to enjoying food, they'll even take the bottle with them out to eat.

Because it's such an important condiment, hot sauce has evolved and is no longer a quick blend of hot chiles and vinegar. There are now great varieties to choose from that are all natural, have less sodium and real food for ingredients. 

For those looking for great taste with their heat, here's three authentic, hand crafted, and flavorful hot sauces now in the Treatmo iOS app. Order in a tap for shipping delicious heat to your door.

Umami Flavored Hot Sauce


Seed Ranch Flavor Co. based in the innovative food haven of Boulder, Colorado, makes an incredible hot sauce with gourmet flavors to give a savory taste to your heat. The fantastic ingredients include porcini mushrooms, capers, and kelp fronds. This sauce is mild, earthy, and rich and perfect for cooking and marinating.

Caribbean Fruit Flavored Hot Sauce


Bacchanal Sauce is hand-made to order in Brooklyn, New York, and features the fruit flavors of the islands including passion fruit and mango along with the super hot Scotch Bonnet peppers. This sauce is perfect on your favorite comfort foods and even pizza to give it some exciting heat.

Habanero Hot Sauce


If you want a sauce that's so hot it will make you silly, try Silly Chilly's Habanero Hot Sauce that has only five ingredients - super hot habaneros, organic apple, fresh garlic, and salt. All organic, this will bring out the healthy dare devil in you.

Shop amazing hot sauces on Treatmo. You can reorder in a tap in the app, too, for those who empty that bottle fast after a couple meals.