The Best Locally Made Vegan Chocolate For Halloween

Real food, no funny stuff. Finding vegan options doesn't have require a massive effort.

By the time Halloween rolls around, you're rushing to find chocolate that tastes satisfying and hits your dietary preferences. The options are always pretty slim. Vegan options might also be highly processed and filled with unrecognizable ingredients.

Here are five clean vegan chocolate brands that are refined sugar free, made with pure cacao, and crafted by local chocolate makers.

1) Rawclates - Brooklyn, New York

Creamy, smooth and filled with stoneground cacao, Rawclates blends superfood ingredients like matcha, maca and hemp, maple sugar and coconut milk powder into vegan chocolate bars, truffles and seasonal treats. Be sure to checkout the snickers bars.


2) b Naked Chocolates - Scottsdale, Arizona

When you're thinking raw truffles, b Naked Chocolates comes to the rescue. Made with cacao, coconut oil, cashews, maple syrup and spices these are a fresh, luscious treat. Shop and earn rewards from their Treatmo store.


3) Good King Cacao - Seattle, Washington

For bite-sized, non-messy chocolate treats, these whole cacao beans lightly roasted and dressed in herbs and spices like mint and paprika are the perfect crunch. Enjoy the health benefits too of pure, unprocessed cacao bean. Shop and earn rewards from their Treatmo store.


5) Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream - Bristol, Vermont

Pure, creamy, delicious and made in Vermont, Farmhouse Chocolates makes pure chocolate, no fuss, in an all natural good way. Shop and earn rewards from their Treatmo store.


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