A Well Rounded, Naturally Made SoCal Salsa For Every Meal

A great salsa is way more than just a dip for chips when it can bring fresh flavor and spices to every meal.

For Heidi Withers, the founder of Heidi's Salsa, a great salsa recipe was a part of life. Raised in a large Mexican family in East Los Angeles, Heidi learned how to make salsa early on from her Grandmother. 

While studying abroad in college, she met her future partner in salsa making, Nikki Dougherty. A shared passion for cooking and advertising brought the two together and what would eventually become Luko Foods™.

Enjoyed Heidi's Salsa 'Mild' with this burrito of garden fresh vegetables!

Enjoyed Heidi's Salsa 'Mild' with this burrito of garden fresh vegetables!

Heidi's Salsa had their first big success with the ‘Loco Local by Luko’ salsa, which took first place at the 30th Anniversary of Farmers Markets in Los Angeles in 2009. From there things slowly gained momentum.

We believed our salsa was so good, so fresh, and so different that we left successful corporate careers to become food entrepreneurs.
— Heidi Withers, Heidi's Salsa

The all natural salsa's are based upon the trusted family recipe and made with fresh lemon and lime juice, which act as natural preservatives. There is no added sugar or vinegar and all ingredients are California sourced and non-GMO.

The flavor is well rounded with a perfect blend of fresh vegetables and spices that's rich in tomato. Heidi's Salsa is versatile and clean since it's sugar and preservative free. From burritos, eggs, bruschetta, tacos, enchiladas, and more great dishes, you won't run out of delicious ideas to enjoy this addition to your food.

Choose from Hot, Medium and Mild

Choose from Hot, Medium and Mild

Heidi Recommends enjoying their salsa with Hatch Green Chile Fritatta, Chupacabra Soy Dipping Sauce, Red Pepper Meatballs, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. 

It truly is the freshest tasting salsa in a jar.

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