Get To Know The New Natural Food Makers From Texas

Everyone can access amazing locally made food from the Lone Star state.

Local food is trending big time in Texas. The state's agriculture is known throughout the world and local food makers are taking advantage of the abundance to create amazing fresh and packaged products that capture the flavors, culture, and pride of the state.

The food products coming out of Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and many other cities and regions are innovative, made with natural ingredients, and are incredibly healthy. Because of this and the demand for Texas made products, the growth of the local food movement has prospered due to the support of communities across the state.

Even local commercial kitchens serve also as business incubators for new food start-ups making it easier for those business to get off the ground. Capital Kitchens in Austin, Texas, is a great example where many businesses get their start.

The support for Texas business, agriculture, and food makers has resulted in an exciting range of products. These products are so well made that they have national audiences and of course continued demand from locals who are living out of state. Accessing these products is now easier than ever by using the Treatmo app. With a couple taps, shoppers can order from any number of Texas food makers and have their selections shipped to their home in a tap.

Here are a few of Texas made products we enjoy from the Treatmo iOS fresh and natural food marketplace.

Whole Note 7 Grain Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

When you want to make amazing pizza, start with the foundation - the crust. Whole Note makes a range of baking mixes with seven whole grains that are gluten-free and delicious. Whole grains are healthier than refined grains and this is the best way to get seven of them in every bite. Their mixes include pizza crust, pancakes, waffles, muffins, among others. They are based in Katy, Texas.

Fervor Nut Butters are Stone Ground

Fervor Nut Butters makes amazing stone ground nut and seed butters including coconut butter. They use simple ingredients and craft delicious and innovative flavors like pecan maple nut butter, Snickerdoodle almond butter, walnut nut butter, even tahini. They are based in Austin, Texas.

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ATX Homemade Jerky

If you're looking for true Texas beef jerky, look no further. ATX Homemade Jerky uses grass-fed Angus beef for its Original and Flavored jerkies. With no additives or preservatives, it is great natural food with big flavor. Try their popular Sweet N' Spicy flavor. They also make turkey jerky and are based in Elgin, Texas.

Texas Black Gold Garlic

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Everyone knows how good garlic is, but have you heard of black garlic? It's garlic that's been heated for a couple months so that it becomes caramelized and turns black in color. It also becomes soft and easily spreadable on crackers or used as an ingredient in home cooked meals. It has more health benefits than regular garlic such as twice the amount of anti-oxidants. It's used by top chefs around the country to flavor their dishes. Try their black garlic mustard. It's so good.

Roasted chicken with Texas Black Gold black garlic mustard chicken.

Roasted chicken with Texas Black Gold black garlic mustard chicken.

Texas Black Gold Garlic sources from local Texas farms and runs their operation entirely on solar energy. They sell individual garlic bulbs and products using black garlic including wing sauce, mustard, and seasoning. They are based in San Antonio, Texas.

Texas Whipped Honey by The Honey Chef

If you want delicious honey from Texas for your toast in the morning, The Honey Chef provides raw wildflower honey from Central Texas in raw and whipped forms. This honey is unfiltered and the whipped honey comes in a variety of flavors including chocolate, cinnamon, habanero, and jalapeño. The Honey Chef is located in Elgin, Texas.

Wander Life Coconut Based Creamers

If you are lactose intolerant or just prefer to go without dairy in your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, then Wander Life has the perfect solution. They make coconut based creamers that are organic and travel friendly. Their three flavors are cacao, vanilla bean, and original. Wander Life is in Austin, Texas.

Gourmet Texas Pasta

If you want to put a Texas spin on your pasta night, try Gourmet Texas Pasta. They infuse wheat pasta with incredible flavors from fresh herbs and veggies to make a fresh gourmet treat. You don't even need sauce to enjoy it. Try Red Chile & Cilantro pasta, Roasted Habanero, or Spicy Red Curry & Coconut. Gourmet Texas Pasta is located in Elgin, Texas.

Treatmo makes is easy and convenient to order and reorder all of these items and more in the app in a couple taps. Gift just as quickly and share the great food of Texas with your friends! Use Treatmo to chat and share photos about your items with friends on the Treat Feed--help your friends and family learn about great local food. Download the iPhone app here.