Where to Buy Fresh Nut Butters

Alternative butters and spreads are taking over, and Treatmo puts the best locally made options at your fingertips.

Nut butters have taken a huge leap in variety from the standard peanut butter you may buy at the grocery store. They are now made from a range of nuts, seeds, and even coconut that taste delicious and are good for you too. By grinding up these ingredients into a spreadable paste and even adding other superfood ingredients, there are some incredible flavor combinations that make them even more spreadable and nutritious.

Nut butters can be used on toast, in sandwiches, blended into smoothies and even mixed into chopped vegetables for stir fry. They are also amazing in desserts. Nuts and seeds are important food group for long term health and the spreads make them easy to consume daily. Almond butter is excellent for weight loss and brain health. Tahini, which is ground up sesame seeds, provides calcium and protein. Hazelnut butter provides Vitamin E. 

Treatmo Tip: Try mixing the nut butter of your choice into salad dressings and give that bowl of greens exciting new flavors.

Here are 3 fresh nut butters you can buy on Treatmo.

Oregon Hazelnut Butter by Ground Up PDX

This small batch nut butter company based in Portland make amazing fresh nut butters.

Matcha Latte Cashew Coconut Butter by Ground Up PDX

Also by Ground Up PDX, this limited edition cashew coconut butter is blended with healthy anti-oxidant rich matcha green tea powder.

Raw Almond Butter by Fat Uncle Farms

Fat Uncle Farms in California's central valley make raw almond butters from almonds grown on their farm. They don't use fertilizers and only use natural irrigation.

You can order all of these fresh almond butters with a couple taps on Treatmo iOS app. Treatmo also lets you chat about your purchases with friends and share photos using these great nut butters in creative ways!