What is Drinking Chocolate?

If you're a seasonal chocolate drinker, you might indulge in hot chocolate or hot cocoa with a dab of whipped cream as a treat when it's freezing outside. 

Almost 100% of the time, menus have hot cocoa or hot chocolate that is either made with dutch-processed cocoa, or basic melted down chocolate that's mixed with milk. What if there was a healthier alternative that was more of an everyday than just a wintertime drink?

Drinking chocolate, like what Treehouse Chocolate makes, is 72% organic cacao, which is high in antioxidants, and responsibly sourced directly from a farm cooperative in Peru. Their drinking chocolate comes in 5 natural flavors like sea salt and coconut (dairy free) and has on average only 4 grams of sugar/140 calories per cup.

So when you pour in the hot water, you're getting something that's a lot healthier than your basic hot chocolate. It's so flavorful and energizing you might even consider replacing your coffee with it (it's that good!). 

Buy Treehouse Chocolate Co's organic drinking chocolate through their store in the Treatmo iOS Marketplace or visit their website to learn more. 

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