How To Pack An Awesome Road Trip Snack Bag

Nothing brings the feels of summer like a road trip. 

Get the car tuned up, gather a few close friends and pets and get going. Also get the fuel to keep yourself going along the way. Let's be honest, the fun delicious snacks to eat on the road are really what the journey is all about.

Here we go!

6 Summer Road Trip Snacks You've Gotta Add To Your Snack Bag

Ello Raw Raw Dessert Bites

You had us at edible cookie dough. For bites that will give you an energy boost without the refined sugars, Ello Raw raw dessert bites are a must. Stock up, you'll go through them fast (trust us). 

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Peace A' Cake

Stop the presses. This is the ONLY brownie we're eating right now. It's luscious. That's all we have to say. Plus, it's all goodness. If you're gluten free, vegan, paleo, and nut free --this hits all the values and is the best cake to go out there.

Fluffy Vegans

Crunch a bunch. There's some sweet sweet flavor in these kale snack bags. You've got peppery kick too if you want it. Make your drive delicious. These are dehydrated, never baked, and delicious. You'll also get protein boost with the nutritional yeast.

Pulse Roasted Chickpeas

This company knows how to deliver great flavor in multiple styles. Choose from a variety of roasted chickpeas and vegan chickpea chocolate bark and feel good about snacking. They are high in fiber, protein and nutrition. 


Of course you need a shot of energy and TruEnergy has it without the crash. With green tea and coconut water plus essential vitamins, this is the sports shot that keeps you going mentally and physically for those long hauls. It's better for your body too than other high sugar drinks that are loaded with stuff that's going to slow you down after a few hours. TruEnergy is all upside.


Zesty flavor and crunch awaits! In flavors like BBQ and coconut (our favorite), these all natural super crisp chips are going to wow you. They are high in protein and taste, and give you energy and delight in each bite. Get a case through Treatmo app and get going.

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