Awesome Portland Business Makes Must-Have Nut Butters And Gives Women A Platform To Rise

There’s a new attitude when it comes to good food: It can be simple and healthy and that’s what makes it better than ever. 

With a focus on flavor, real ingredients and simplicity the new class of food makers is reinventing old categories of food. And a few have great social missions too.

Take for instance your typical morning toast. Peanut butter is still a classic, but in the quest for more transparent, real ingredients with less of the bad stuff, people are seeking options outside of the big brands that dominate most grocery store shelves. Food makers are dabbling with new foods and new combinations of ingredients to made products that are healthier and more flavorful, lower in sugar and more local.

Coconut butter, almond butter and sesame spreads are popping up on shelves across the U.S. making food options more exciting. The Treatmo marketplace brings the best of the new food makers to your fingertips for exploration and quick shopping.

Ground Up Nut Butters out of Portland is one of these awesome new food makers crafting products to meet the growing demand for interesting flavors, healthier food and simpler and cleaner (no preservatives and nothing artificial or in excess such as salt or sodium) ingredients. Providing an alternative to those with peanut allergies or wishing to add something different to an everyday diet, they make creative butters with almonds, cashews, coconut and hazelnuts.

But with careful sourcing, less sugar—and no refined sugar as they are made with honey—no additives and an emphasis on local whenever possible, Ground Up Nut Butters delivers more nutrition, flavor and health value than bigger more ubiquitous brands. 

Eat well and enjoy good food at the same time with less worry. Ground up Nut Butters makes all of this possible with one additional benefit. While their passion is making healthy food taste delicious, they have a powerful social mission. The co-founders, Carolyn Cesaro and Julie Sullivan are driven to help disadvantaged women in Greater Portland develop the skills and confidence they need to rejoin the workforce. 

Carolyn had been making and selling her nut butters for a while for family and friends after seeing a need for more nutritious (and delicious) food. The idea for the social good mission of Ground Up Nut Butters was inspired by Julie's time in Uganda where she was overseeing an employment training program for women overcoming poverty. Ground Up PDX came to be in March 2016 bringing the goals of both women together around a great product to achieve a powerful goal.

Ground Up Nut Butters provides local women with skills and training that can lead to full time employment through a 6-9 month jobs program at the company. According to the statistics on their site, “44% of Oregon households receiving federal food assistance are headed by women.” 

Choose from hyper-local options like Oregon Hazelnut & Almond Nut Butter (almonds from California) or Lavender Honey Almond & Cashew -- made with local Oregon lavender, a touch of honey, vanilla and sea salt. Get more adventurous with Coconut Cardamom Almond & Cashew Nut Butter with Chia Seeds or Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Almond & Cashew. Need more simplicity? Cut out sugar altogether with their sugar free options.

By instituting a platform for learning and growth, Ground Up Nut Butters is guiding women living at or below the poverty level down a path to full time employment. At the same time, everyone at the company is working together towards a mission of making better for you food. 

The word is out on their butters though. They are delicious!

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There is no reason to sacrifice health for flavor any longer. In fact, it's exactly the opposite. Today when you reach for the healthy items (especially on Treatmo) you're opting not only for better nutrition but for better flavor. Nothing beats the good stuff for not only its impact on how you feel but on communities too.

Ground Up Nut Butters can be shopped directly from their mobile store on Treatmo. Order or gift. Get the App. See how it works.