5 Fun Variety Food Packs Let You Try it All

There's a lot of fresh and natural food in the Treatmo mobile ordering app - from superfood raw chocolate to small batch maple syrup to healthy dessert bites. It's all driven by local food makers and chefs who have passion for their ideas and want to create access to amazing better-for-you food.

If you can't deciding what to get, try a variety pack. You get to sample several products with one order and enjoy discovering food you may want to have again. Here are five great variety packs in Treatmo.

Jam Jar by Abigail's Bakery

Abigail's Bakery in NYC makes decadent desserts in a jar. Cakes, fudges, and pies are carefully crafted to fit inside a jam jar giving the desserts their name. With so many great flavors, you may just want to go for their variety pack which includes Apple Pie, Lemon Lust, and Hot Fudge Toffee Crunch.

Ground Up PDX

Ground Up PDX makes wonderful nut butters from almonds, cashews, and Oregon hazelnuts. Nut butters are the rage these days since these nuts provide healthy nutrients that support brain and heart health. The nut butters are carefully crafted with unique flavors and will have you spreading them on everything you eat. Try Lavender Honey, Chunky Almond Cashew + Coconut, and Oregon Hazelnut in 4 oz jars.

Purinton Maple

Purinton Maple is a small batch maple syrup company located in Vermont. They make delicious syrups from their own maple forests and ship it straight to your door. Their variety pack includes three bottles of syrup, maple sugar, and maple cotton candy.

Peace A' Cake

Peace A' Cake is a healthy bakery that makes amazing gluten free mini muffins and brownies with the best ingredients and none of the bad stuff. Their muffin variety pack includes Double Chocolate Brownie, Oatmeal Chocolate, and Double Chocolate Protein. These muffins are perfect for breakfast or as a healthy snack throughout the day.

You can order the variety packs from these amazing food makers through the Treatmo iOS app with a couple taps and enjoy a range of great flavors from each merchant. They also make perfect gifts and gift through Treatmo is a breeze!