Dear Fam, This is What I Want - Your Dad

There's a few things that will make my Father's Day amazing.

The whole family being here together would of course be #1 on my list.

But first, you should know that I don't expect anything. Showing you put in a little effort would make me the happiest guy on Earth. 

Since you're going out of your way, however--which I insist that you don't--here are a few things that would make my day, or our day together.

You know I love flavor and the grill, and can't go a day without my peanut butter. So here you go, with healthier options because you know I'm trying to stay fit.

Shop them all on that Treatmo app in the App Store. It will make getting these to me extremely easy. Be sure to tap "Send to a Friend" (that's your Dad) before checkout.

-Love Dad

6 Things That Would Make This Dad Happy on Father's Day

Peri Peri

Drumsticks grilled with Lesedi Farm's Peri Peri sauce. I'll share my technique.

Maple Syrup

But not just any kind. Special edition Cask Force™ Purinton Maple Syrup from Vermont.

Shop Abigail Bakeshop

Peanut Butter

Abigail's Bakeshop Peanut Butter Fudge Jam Jar. Add the Toffee flavor and Apple Pie to your cart too. Yes!

Shop Fat Uncle Farms Almonds


Cajun flavored almonds from Fat Uncle Farms. Spicy! Raw, farm fresh and good for me.

BBQ Sauce

The OKB BBQ sauce in medium heat in time for summer. Let's roll!



You ship it, I'll cook it. Food4U® grass fed beef chili would be a dream. 

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