3 Quick Dinner Ideas That Make Eating Well Easy

You've just had a busy day and a hectic commute home from work. The whole family is hungry and complaining. You may be tempted to order pizza (again) or subway sandwiches from the local shop. Or you may have a meal kit that's been sitting in the refrigerator for a week.

But wait! Here are four quick dinner ideas that can be just as fast and are healthier for everyone. Best yet, you can order the key ingredients on Treatmo with just a couple taps ahead of time and make the meal in under 40 minutes.


Cheese and Tomato Sauce Sandwiches

Tired of regular cheese sandwiches. Take it up a notch and make them healthier with fresh tomato sauce. Jar Goods makes tomato sauce developed by family in their popular restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey, and they use vine-ripened tomatoes. Just slice up the bread, put on your favorite cheese or even vegan cheese, spread on tomato sauce and heat in the oven or in skillet like a panini.

Homemade Pizza with Seven Whole Grain Crust

Can't break away from pizza? Then make it at home for a healthier experience. This crust baking mix from Whole Note uses seven whole grains blended for a nutritional and flavor boost.  Better than a store bought crust, this mixture will give your family nutrients in every bite. It takes just 10 minutes to rise, 15 minutes to half bake and another 10 minutes to cook with the ingredients. It will become your go-to pizza.

Fresh Salad with Lemon Based Dressing

Often times, the most unhealthy part of a salad is the dressing. Many dressings are loaded with fat, sodium, sugar, and dairy and soy. Treat you family to a refreshing and healthy salad with Lemonette Dressings which are lemon-based. Lemon Garlic, Zesty Cumin, and Spicy Basil will give new meaning to salad night.

Order Jar Goods tomato sauce, Whole Note baking mix, and Lemonette dressings on Treatmo with a couple taps and make healthy dinners the easy way.