5 Under the Radar Food Gift Ideas For A Birthday Or Wedding

In the summer, the chances are you're on the road, and the opportunity to catch up with friends on special occasions is harder.

The birthday's, anniversary's, and wedding's come on full force in the summer. You can't make them all, so gift from afar from wherever you are. Good food goes the distance and shows you care. And the right selections can show you have great taste.

These food gift ideas from the Treatmo marketplace will catch up with your friends for you. Tap 'Send to a Friend' in the app as you checkout, and enter personalized message and their address under shipping details.

5 Under the Radar Food Birthday Gift Ideas

1) Rawclates -- This is premium, stoneground artisanal chocolate that is made with super nutritious food elements like goji, matcha, and maca. With a highly selective and impressive ingredient list along with decadent creaminess and flavor, their bars and truffles send a message that you care. Shop on Treatmo iOS App

2) She is French - Have a female friend who is working on getting healthy and or starting a family? This is granola designed for women to get a health advantage. Made with plants, nuts and fruit that specifically address women's needs, you won't find something like She is French anywhere, and their granola tastes amazing. Shop She is French on Treatmo iOS App

3) Peace A' Cake - Taste, flavor and nutrition bundled up in portion-controlled sizes of muffins and brownies, make these delicious snacks stand apart. Your friend will thank you for helping them remember the most important meal of the day, breakfast, and for keeping them fueled and healthy all day long. Shop Peace A' Cake on Treatmo iOS App

4) Ground Up Nut Butters - Beyond peanut butter (which we also love) there is a world of flavor combinations that tantalize tastebuds. Ground Up Nut Butters out of Portland, knows exactly what the mouth wants. In unique flavor combinations of nuts and herbs, these butters are a food lover's dream. They have amazing gift packs too. Shop Ground Up Nut Butters on Treatmo iOS App

5) Treehouse Chocolate - When you think about pure cacao straight from the farm to your table, Treehouse Chocolate is that. Except Treehouse Chocolate serves cacao in powdered form with a hint of extra natural flavor like coconut or sea salt. Pour in hot water and you not only get health benefits from pure cacao, but energy and focus from this nourishing drink that gives your adrenal glands a break from coffee. Shop Treehouse Chocolates on Treatmo iOS App 

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You've come to the right place if you're looking for all natural products for yourself or a friend. Shop Treatmo's curated marketplace of fresh, natural and local food and start feeling the goodness of real food. Get the iOS App. See how it works.