It Takes 10 Minutes To Set Up And Your Food Business Gains Mobile Advantage

Differentiating your business to leap ahead of the competition. 

Does a customer need another shopping or delivery platform to choose from that offers only minor differentiation from what they're already using. Probably not. 

At Treatmo, we like to do things differently. We are food lovers at heart, but as technologists we have our eyes on the present and the future with one goal: to innovate not replicate. If you're a food maker, this probably hits home for you too. You're not going to imitate a product and put everything you've got into getting it to market. The better strategy is to make something different and better.

With great technology it's possible to create efficiency, reduce effort around mundane tasks and improve customer experiences. For food businesses, we see the opportunity for one platform to handle many types of sales methods seamlessly, improve customer interaction with businesses and products, and make doing business through a digital platform easier.

The future is undeniably mobile. Some experts expect mobile commerce to grow by 200% in 2017 (Information Age, December 2016). Shopping by mobile app is undeniably on the rise. While it still trails shopping on the web, there are many reasons why shopping by mobile will change that.

1) A Mobile App Goes Where The Web Cannot

App technology and design features for engagement simply go where the web can't. Consider that all websites have a different interface and shopping experience -- some are good and some are really poor (or nonexistent)--even today when it's easier than ever in history to build a website. And many websites have neglected to offer customers a mobile-web interface. Technology is available to improve experiences for both customers and businesses, and when it's not being utilized, both party's lose.

2) An Engaging App Experience Means Return Customers

There are many reasons why a customer may simply forget to restock a product or forget a brand altogether. The big one is: There are too many distractions. Customers have too many reasons not to go to the web to seek out a company website and reorder. And there's no reason to visit most websites on a daily basis, unless they have a killer, must read daily blog, which is a huge time and talent investment when you want to be focusing on food making. Keep your brand visible and in a place where customers are most likely to return. Good app design has the power to keep customers returning, make your brand accessible and keep the sales and awareness building.

3) Speed of Access Through Mobile Commerce Means More Shopping

Everyone feels the sales slump at different times of the year. Reducing barriers to purchases is key to guiding customers from product to checkout and back to product (if cart changes are needed) fluidly. On most websites this is at best, clunky. If your website has complicated navigation, or requires customers to press "Back" several times to add more items or change cart items, you've lost them. Unless a customer is really committed, there are too many ways to lose them due to basic website technology which does not enhance customer experience most of the time.

Close the gap between product identification and purchase and offer customers an experience that feels like you care. After all, you spend a significant portion of your time and life developing food you're passionate about. Offering a seamless shopping experience tailored to customers -- whether through delivery, shipping, pick up or mobile pay should match that. 

At Treatmo we make setting up a mobile commerce solution easier than ever. We are focused on helping small businesses from natural food makers, fresh healthy cafes and farms with tools to succeed today and prepare for tomorrow. 

Treatmo partners using Treatmo strategically as a part of their digital marketing and sales strategy get the edge they were looking for and give their customers a better ordering tool. Some partners go live in less than 10 minutes with three to four items, whereas a website can take days of tinkering and execution.

Set up an appointment with us today to learn more about building Treatmo's mobile commerce platform into your business. Or, tell us a bit about your U.S.-based natural food business, and we're happy to help you get setup right now. Get in touch