Farm-to-Table Food is Instant with New Technology

The freshest food you can eat is the food closest to the farm where it retains the highest number of nutrients and best flavor. For those of us who don’t live near a farm, or visit farmers markets or restaurants serving food directly from farms, the freshest food is not so easy to access.

With a new app technology, health conscious consumers can order direct from farms for freshly packaged food products. Through Treatmo app farms create a storefront and make their products available to everyone.

As more farms process their own packaged food products to satisfy the growing demand for natural foods, there is a need for simple technology to support selling direct. With the Treatmo app, customers can simply order in a couple taps and be assured they are getting the highest quality food direct from the farm.

Here are a few of the farms and products that Treatmo app shoppers can enjoy right now.

Lesedi Farm - Washington State

Lesedi Farm, located on an island in the Puget Sound of Washington State, is a small independent farm that grows kale, beans, beets and herbs along with a variety of other vegetables. They use the fresh produce to make delicious kale, beet chips and fresh meals at local markets. They also make savory sauces and marinades supplementing what they don't have with carefully sourced organic ingredients. All of their products are on Treatmo which is the only digital platform where they are currently selling.

Fat Uncle Farms - California

Fat Uncle Farms has been growing almonds in California's central valley since 1963. Their farm doesn't use artificial irrigation or fertilizers and you can taste it in the almonds. Thy sell their almonds raw, roasted, and flavored on Treatmo. When you purchase through the app, you're grabbing a handful of some of the freshest and most nutrient dense almonds in the state. Hint: Try the Cajun flavor.

Square Deal Farm - Vermont

When you want to upgrade your breakfast syrup to some of the best Vermont has to offer, try Square Deal Farm's farm-to-bottle maple syrup. This small farm in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom taps 7,000 trees on their land and bottles the syrup in their own sugarhouse. The syrup is so fresh you can taste the earth energy every time. Order their maple syrup in pint samplers or by the gallon with a couple taps on Treatmo iOS app.

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