Gluten Free Whole Grain Pizza Crust Makes Homemade Pizza Night Easy

Seven whole grain combination by Whole Note has daily nutritional value and flavor well beyond standard baking mixes.

Before Paul and Bonnie Morris started selling their gluten-free mixes, they formed a connection through music. Both music lovers, they first got to know each other as singers and guitar players in a church musical group. This love of music inspired the name for their company (Whole Note) and Paul used the artisanal approach of a musician when developing the gluten-free products they sell today. 

Paul was diagnosed with celiac disease 11 years ago, back when most gluten-free food options didn’t taste all that great. He set out to recreate the tastes and textures of his favorite wheat-based foods that he could no longer eat, while also aiming to create a food product of nutritional value. Holding a degree in chemical engineering, Paul has always had a big interest in chemistry and experimentation (after all, baking is simply a series of chemical reactions). Combine this with his love of good food and Paul was hooked on the challenge of creating a totally new product. 

Fresh pizza with Whole Note seven grain pizza crust baking mix that's gluten free

Fresh pizza with Whole Note seven grain pizza crust baking mix that's gluten free

After years of perfecting his recipes, Paul began sharing his products with others in need of gluten-free options. Among those requesting his mixes were the families of autistic children at the school where Bonnie was working (there are potential health benefits from gluten-free diets for children with autism). People really loved the mixes and asked if they could buy more, and that’s when Paul realized they had a unique product and that there was a real need out there that could be met if he went into business. Paul has loved meeting and delighting all the people who are looking for gluten-free options, whether it’s for health reasons or simply a desire for more nutritious alternatives.

Today, the mixes are produced at a production facility in Katy, Texas. These mixes are made up of 7 whole-grain blends to give the baked goods the right taste, texture, and nutritional values. Depending on the recipe, you just have to add some combination of eggs, water, milk, oil or butter to easily whip up a nutritious gluten-free dish. The mixes offered by Whole Note include:

·      Buttermilk pancake mix

·      Non-dairy pancake mix

·      Crepe mix

·      Cappuccino and dark chocolate muffin mix

·      Waffle mix

·      Non-dairy waffle mix

·      Pizza crust mix

·      Pumpkin bread/muffins mix

·      Lemon ginger muffins mix

·      Create-a-muffin mix

·      Multi-purpose flour blend

I first tried gluten-free pizza at Expo West in March, and I was blown away at how similarly those pizzas tasted to the original wheat-based version. So when I heard that Whole Note had a pizza crust mix for making homemade gluten-free pizza, I knew I had to try it.

I was surprised at how easy it was to prepare the dough (my previous experiences working with dough when making bagels and pretzels weren’t quite so painless). I just had to add water, olive oil, and sugar (for the yeast), before preparing my toppings (tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, olives and chicken).

Whole Note gluten free pizza crust.

Whole Note gluten free pizza crust.

I made two pizzas so that my roommates could try some. The twist is, I didn’t tell them beforehand that these pizzas were gluten-free. I was curious if they would be able to tell that it was a gluten-free crust and what their reaction would be upon finding out this fact. Here’s my roommate James’ reaction to trying the pizza:

Turns out James had a pretty similar reaction to trying his first gluten-free pizza as I did at Expo West! Seems that Paul accomplished his goal; recreate healthy gluten-free versions of his favorite foods without compromising the taste.

If you’re looking for inspirations when it comes to recipes, fillings, or toppings to go with the Whole Note mixes, check out the recipes on their website. All of these mixes can be purchased through the Treatmo iOS app.

Whole Note Original Pizza Crust Mix - $6

Whole Note Original Pizza Crust Mix - $6

By Michael Zabar - Brand partnerships and community development at Treatmo (...and pizza crust aficionado).