It's More Than A Food Lover's Marketplace It's Technology To Build Advantage

The world of food and grocery is changing rapidly.

High profile news events in the food industry seem to be happening with greater frequency and in larger movements like the latest news of Amazon's buy of Whole Foods. But if you're a small food business, there is a way to gain strategic advantage and stay ahead by embracing advanced technology.

One thing is for sure, the movement towards a fluid payment system is on the way. The technology has been in the works now for several years, in varying forms, and such one-stop-shops for payments, shopping and chat are actively performing well in regions outside of the U.S. like Asia. 

As a small food business in the U.S., whether you're a farmer or a new food maker, the swiftly changing technology and industry landscape can feel overwhelming. 

Treatmo was designed to help small businesses become more agile in this new world of consumerism and food. With mobile first technology, Treatmo was made with the future and extreme mobility in mind. For customers this means all shopping whether for shipping, pick up (at a store or an event) or delivery in one app with chat and never reaching out to a website.

The checkout experience in Treatmo is seamless whether the customer is shopping for pick up one day or shipping the next at the same business. They are also able to share purchase information such as reviews and photos with friends and explore food at a hyper-local level.

For businesses, the simple templatized setup on the backend blows away any website building tool. Opening shop, setting up shipping, local delivery or in store payment, can be this easy and done in ten minutes. For shoppers, it means from download to purchase less than four minutes and repeat orders in a faction of that time. 

Today nearly one hundred businesses across the U.S. from fresh food makers to farms to packaged goods companies are using the tool as a new channel to reach customers. 

Strategically integrating Treatmo into a sales strategy as a growth channel and not just a marketplace is how fast-growing food companies are accelerating their sales today.

Technology doesn't have to be complicated to achieve growth and visibility. Treatmo knows that the faster you're able to start selling through a mobile first tool, the faster you will start to become a part of your customer's daily habits. 

Treatmo's technology puts small businesses in the same playing field as multi-million dollar companies with advanced technology to create a fluid and customized shopping experience for customers.

Learn more about selling on Treatmo and see what merchants and users are saying.