Vegan Comfort Food At Fuel Juice Bar in Bedford-Stuyvesant

Food doesn't have to control you. You can control what you eat and how.

When you walk into Fuel Juice Bar in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the light from the floor to ceiling windows instantly brightens your mood. The aroma of freshly made raw food quickly envelopes you. You pull out your phone and show the Fuel team your Treatmo voucher for an avocado pizza salad, and then sit back at a table and prepare for goodness.

Your order is complete in an instant--no exchange of cash or credit card, all prepaid through your phone. You can then chat with your friends in the app about the purchase or get tips for other items, track your food and earn rewards for a free item when you pay with Treatmo iOS App.

Enjoy the comfort and food with vegan delights that warm your body and mind.

1) Fuel Juice Bar Falafel Wrap

It's every bit as good as it looks and you get 9 points towards a free treat at Fuel Juice Bar when you order. Forget counting calories when food is this pure and raw. Just enjoy and count points for rewards instead.

2) Raw Avocado Pizza Salad

This is goodness overload. First of all this is a buckwheat pizza (with sunflower seeds, flax seeds, herbs and spices), cashew cheese and veggies, loaded with avocados. Make your body and mind glow. 11 points when you order on Treatmo for that free goodie.

3) The Best of the Best Raw Burger

We don't kid around at Treatmo HQ. Trust us when we say we have eaten A LOT of vegan and natural food across the U.S. We know what is what. This vegan, raw burger in a cabbage bun is boss. 12 points when you order on Treatmo towards a free treat!


Become the master of your diet and track your food easily on Treatmo to get organized. Count points instead of calories when you're eating food this natural and raw.

Download Treatmo iOS App and start ordering from the best, local makers and farmers around. See how to order and gift too.