Salad Series with Lemonette - Bolivian Quinoa Salad

A 20 minute quinoa salad with nutritious ingredients.

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a wonderful ingredient to use in salads. Once cooked it's fluffy and light and mixes well with other salad ingredients. It prepares in 20 minutes like a grain even though it's a seed originating from the Andes region of South America. It's very nutritious since it provides a complete protein along with fiber.

This Bolivian Quinoa Salad includes parsley (or cilantro), pumpkin seeds (pepitas), corn, cucumber, and dried cranberries, combined for a bountiful mixture of food. You can use either cilantro or parsley depending on your preference. The cranberries give a nice sweet accent to the salad.

To top it off, we used Zesty Cumin dressing from Lemonette Dressings. Cumin is a popular seasoning in many dishes in South America with its pungent and peppy flavor. Cumin seed was revered during ancient Egyptians times for its flavoring and medicinal characteristics.

Cumin has high percentage of iron which helps the body function. Cumin also aids digestion and has anti-cancer effects. The Zesty Cumin dressing is lemon-based and the lemon flavor complements the cumin perfectly with a fresh and savory taste. The lemon juice provide large amounts of Vitamin C also which is a powerful antioxidant.

Low in sodium, the dressing gives each spoonful of the salad lots of flavor and the lemon makes it pop. Here is the recipe.


2 Cups cooked quinoa, red or natural

1 Cup finely chopped parsley or cilantro

1 Cup diced cucumber

1/2 Cup corn

1/4 Cup dried cranberries

2 Tbsp pepitas

1/3 Cup Zesty Cumin dressing by Lemonette

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and serve.

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Lemonette Dressings: Zesty Cumin