Good King Cacao's Approach To Chocolate Starts And Ends with The Whole Bean

This chocolate company aims to improve the livelihood of cacao farmers.

Who doesn't love chocolate. Actually, some don’t. They’re still good people, right? Kidding aside, our conception of chocolate is limited. Most of us only know it as a creamy sugary treat that’s more candy than real chocolate. There is so much more to this bean.

Maybe, just maybe those chocolate haters are actually purists and would prefer the real thing before it goes through the crushing, grinding and heating.

All the chocolate you eat goes through a process that starts with a cocoa bean. The cocoa bean with shell on is in most cases then exported to manufacturers and chocolatiers around the world who roast the beans (which frees them from their shell) and then process them with a sweetener into a creamy treat, powder, liquor or butter.

Good King Cacao founded by Kim Wilson in Seattle, Washington aims to bolster the increasingly challenged cocoa farming communities by helping them create new income streams. Working with cacao farming groups in Honduras and Indonesia, her company provides training on not only cacao processing, so they can take on more themselves.  

Supporting the socially conscious mission of Good King Cacao is an incredible product. The whole bean cacao gourmet snacks they make will transform how you look at and eat chocolate.

When you hear about all the benefits of chocolate, it's more true the less it's processed and refined. Good King Cacao snacks are whole cacao beans, which means when you eat them, you're eating the original bean from the tree.

If you're familiar with cacao nibs, you'll find the whole bean somewhat similar, but less bitter tasting. Most often cacao nibs are the result of the bean being roasted while in the shell and what becomes of the bean when you then remove the shell. Because they are roasted in the shell they pick up the woody and bitter flavor of the shell. 

Through Good King Cacao's process, the farming community where the bean originates first shells the beans before they are shipped. Then the beans are roasted in cane sugar to draw out the flavor profile of the region of origin at their facility in Seattle. Natural herbs and spices are added during the roasting to produce a sweet treat with a good crunch that has a slightly softer texture than nibs. 

Good King Cacao's treats are 80% whole cacao or higher (they are non-alkalized), non-GMO, vegan, allergy-friendly (free from the top 10 most common food allergens), high in protein (4 grams), high in fiber (10 grams) and have only 4-5 grams of sugar per serving (one small 30 gram packet). 

Joy - mint and rosemary flavored cacao beans by Good King Cacao

Joy - mint and rosemary flavored cacao beans by Good King Cacao

Cacao beans are a highly nutritious food. They contain the antioxidant compounds flavonoids that are known to promote general health and fight diseases like cancer. Cacao beans are natural mood boosters as well and improve energy and alertness, including focus. They are also a good source of magnesium. 

Good King Cacao has five uplifting and distinct flavors that cater to sweet and snack cravings:

  • Peace - lemon, lavender & thyme
  • Love - cinnamon nutmeg, clove and cardamom
  • Strength - smoked paprika, chili and orange
  • Harmony - himalayan pink salt
  • Joy - mint, rosemary and sea salt
Strength - smoked paprika, chili and orange. A sweet kick!

Strength - smoked paprika, chili and orange. A sweet kick!

Beyond the feel good names, the cacao is not at all messy, doesn’t melt, tastes mildly sweet and refreshing from the combination of spices and herbs. Most similar to almonds as snacks, they are really fun and delicious to crunch on throughout the day.

Founder and owner Kim Wilson's path to building Good King Cacao has meant spending intensive periods of time in cocoa farming communities. From day one it has been an adventure and education that's a story of its own and involves a lot of critters (snakes and spiders) that come along with working on cocoa farms. Kim's passion for working with people and helping communities thrive is key to the company's mission and can be experienced in the quality of Good King Cacao's treats.

If you're reaching for a snack from the office, gym, school or mountain trail, this is a healthy one to grab, and you're supporting a network of farming communities too. 

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by Anna Zefferys, Founder and CEO of Treatmo