Jar Goods Brings Life Back To The Tomato Sauce Aisle

A great tomato sauce is something of an art.

If you grew up in an Italian family, you might be one of those lucky ones who benefitted from true Italian tomato sauce with your meals. A real Italian sauce after all can take 24 hours to make. 

For most working professionals and parents, making a tomato sauce at home either never happens or is a 10-minute hack job that starts with a can of pureed tomato or a product purchased at the local grocery store. 

Walking through the tomato sauce section, you’ll notice a lot of brands—some lead with a celebrity chef or famous restaurant name while others tout organic and natural. But nothing really pops or looks like a must have product. You end up throwing something into your cart that seems to fit the most immediate need and then throwing out half that same jar a month later when you clean your fridge.

Not anymore.

When you look at a tomato sauce there’s one thing you clearly want to pop and that’s the color. Rich, bright red tomatoes need to be calling from the inside of the jar. When I ordered Jar Goods recently that’s the first thing that I noticed: The color.

With 72% minimally processed tomatoes the color jumps. It looks so incredible just from the outside of the glass that you want to open it immediately and start eating it straight from the jar. It gets better from there.

The ingredient list is simple. It even fits in the intentionally short description space of Treatmo app. Intended to promote and make transparent and innovative everyday foods easier to shop, Treatmo puts Jar Goods and all that goodness right at your fingertips.

Jar Goods 'Classic Spicy' on  Whole Note Gluten Free Pizza Crust  -- on treatmo app.

Jar Goods 'Classic Spicy' on Whole Note Gluten Free Pizza Crust -- on treatmo app.

Other than tomatoes, of course, you’ll find onions and olive oil and less than 1% of salt and sugar in each jar. They are all dairy free except for the 'Classic Vodka' which has cream. You might think you only need 'Classic Red'—which is their version of a pomodoro sauce, but because their basic tomato sauce is so good, you’ll also want 'Classic Spicy' and the Classic Vodka on hand.

Upon first taste, a world of possibilities opens up to you. Tomato sauce might be the last thing you pour over your spaghetti, but Jar Goods inspires many more uses. I used the Classic Spicy on a pizza and it tasted so delicious and natural, it almost felt like this was a sauce I had been eating my whole life. 

The truth is, I’ve always been frustrated with shelf options and short on time to make even a quick tomato sauce that really transformed food beyond satisfying my appetite after a long day. I’m known to eat spaghetti with only butter because I can’t be bothered. I stopped buying shelf tomato sauce a long time ago because the options didn't appeal to me or seem worth the spend.

Sister's-in-law Melissa and Laura Vitelli, the team behind Jar Goods, related to this dissatisfaction in their own busy lives. Melissa a former fashion photographer, often struggled with time constraints and disappointment in the sauce choices at her local grocer. 

Jar Goods 'Classic Red' on ravioli.

Jar Goods 'Classic Red' on ravioli.

They got into the tomato sauce business to make a better option. Going back to basics, their answer for a great sauce was right in front of them in the form of a family recipe and one John Vitelli Sr.—Laura’s father—perfected for over 50 years and made famous at Jersey City’s Jules restaurant. 

Transparent, simple and natural ingredients, combine to make Jar Goods a tomato sauce that removes the struggle from cooking and raises excitement in the kitchen. It is one thing to throw food together quickly where you don’t care about the taste. It’s another to enjoy prepared food that has deep flavor and offers clean ingredients that can benefit your tastebuds, health and mood.

Their product sparked interest of the team at the Chobani Food Incubator which helps innovative food entrepreneurs launch and grow their products. Jar Goods participated in their inaugural class which kicked off in September 2016. 

The bones of a great tomato sauce is the tomatoes. From there you're adding ingredients that only further accentuates that base. Jar Goods starts with vine ripened non-GMO tomatoes from there it's a practiced and trusted recipe that makes a sauce you can use for all things.

Have confidence in what you put on the table. With options like this on hand, making food becomes fun and easy.You'll want to start cooking with Jar Goods all the time for yourself, for your family or for friends.

They are reaching more and more kitchens across the country and can also be shopped quickly through Treatmo iOS app where fresh and natural food is on tap for convenience and like minded food. See how to order, gift and chat with friends.

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by Anna Zefferys, CEO and Founder Treatmo App - Fresh and natural food in a tap!