5 Whole Grains Important for Daily Family Health

It’s not easy to include a variety of whole grains in your family’s diet. In fact, most families tend to rely on refined enriched wheat flour in pastas, breads, and buns. Research suggests that whole grains offer much better nutrition than your typical refined grains and support long term health because they contain fiber, natural nutrients, and anti-oxidants. 

If the world of grains is new to you, don’t be alarmed. They are abundant and can keep your family heart healthy, less prone to diabetes, and make it easier to manage weight. Here are five that are worth a try.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is rice in its most natural commercial form without most of the layers removed (which is white rice). By keeping the layers of brown rice intact, there are several good health benefits from eating it including better digestion from the fiber, weight management (since you’ll feel fuller), heart health, and even cancer protection from the phytonutrients.


You may have tried oatmeal for breakfast which is excellent, but consuming oats regularly has many benefits. Oats provide dietary fiber and help lower cholesterol. Oats also contain many nutrients such as manganese, selenium, magnesium, and zinc all of which help regulate the body’s organs.


Buckwheat is not related to wheat and is actually a seed used like a grain. The health benefits are phenomenal. Buckwheat offers blood sugar control and may lower the risk of diabetes. It also has plenty of flavonoids which are linked to better cardiovascular health due to the improvement of blood flow. Research suggest buckwheat may also prevent gallstones.


Millet is a puffy grain that has the ability to repair cells and keep them healthy. It also has heart protective qualities due that magnesium and lignans which help protect against heart disease.


Teff is a common grain used in Ethiopia for its injera bread and it’s commonly served at restaurants serving Ethiopia fare. Slightly nutty in flavor, it is very high in protein and also provides calcium for bone strength. Teff is also an excellent source of niacin which is Vitamin B3 which can reduce cholesterol levels. The benefits of teff are so outstanding it could be considered a superfood.

Whole Note pumpkin bread baking mix includes Teff Flour and 6 more whole grains. Order on Treatmo app.

Whole Note pumpkin bread baking mix includes Teff Flour and 6 more whole grains. Order on Treatmo app.

Eating whole grains is similar in value to regularly eating fruits and vegetables. An easy way to include whole grains in your diet is with Whole Note baking mixes. Whole Note combines seven whole grains including the five mentioned in each mix along with flaxseed meal and chickpea flour. The baked items taste amazing, too!

Whole Note pizza crust baking mix (gluten free).

Whole Note pizza crust baking mix (gluten free).

You get the benefit of all of the grains combined when you make pancakes, waffles, muffins, and even pizza. And for those who can’t consume gluten, the mixes are gluten free and some dairy free options are available as well.

Whole Note dairy free & gluten free pancake baking mix.

Whole Note dairy free & gluten free pancake baking mix.

You may not find this great baking mix in your local grocery store, but you can shop Whole Note Gluten Free flours on the Treatmo iOS app and have them shipped to your door in a couple taps. See how to order and gift!