Rawclates Chocolates - The Perfect Balance of Organic Nutrition and Exotic Flavors

Raw stoneground cacao and superfood ingredients combine for the ultimate chocolate delight.

You may be aware of or have heard of superfoods and have been wondering how to add them to your diet. While sources of exceptional nutritional value and energy, many of these foods aren't that common in the pantry or on most grocery lists.

Rawclates removes the barrier to accessing great nutrition by merging superfood ingredients with everyone's favorite - chocolate. By taking the highest quality raw, stoneground organic chocolate and adding superfoods, they make eating high impact food easy and delicious.

Ingredients such as açai, turmeric, ginger, coconut, blueberries, cayenne, cranberries, and matcha, are just some of the powerful foods that Rawclates combines in their chocolate bars and truffles. Not only do they craft beautifully handmade treats, but ones that give your body more nutrients.

Rawclates founder, Hadara Slok, a Brooklyn chocolatier, wanted to make a treat that was accessible to a lot of people that not only tasted great but also made you feel good as well. She started making chocolate because a health complication led her to adopt a raw food diet. Because she was allergic to dates which were in many raw desserts, she went on a mission to find an alternative sweet treat.

The option she explored was chocolate. She learned as much as she could and then started developing her own recipes with the goal of capturing the beautiful balance of organic nutrition and exotic flavors. The result was a fabulous chocolate treat that was 'clean' food and exciting to try. She started Rawlcates eight years ago and has turned her passion for delicious desserts into a thriving business.

Brooklyn is home to many accomplished chocolate makers, but Rawclates stands out because of its amazing flavor profiles, natural ingredients and hand-crafted process. The raw cacao is stone ground so that it retains more flavor and nutritional value. When the bars are made they aren’t saturated with unpronounceable ingredients. She uses only low-glycemic coconut sugar for sweetening. Then each bar is combined with a harmonious blend of superfoods for great flavor and abundant nutrition. They are also a 100% vegan product made without dairy, eggs, or honey.

That’s what we try to share with people, that chocolate can both be good for you, and make you feel great, and taste amazing as well.
-Hadara, Rawclates Founder

The chocolate itself is so smooth with intricate flavors. Each bite is like a mini explosion of deliciousness; complex but inviting, so that you're drawn to try more and savor each bite. It's not ordinary chocolate, but a delightful taste experience.

Hadara’s goal was to convey that chocolate can be good for you, make you feel great in a good way, and taste delicious, too. She delights in the creation process mixing flavors and chocolate types to see where it leads. Many of the flavors started as a sudden thought, a dream, or the simple question of “what if”. Her creativity has produced an alluring range of flavors for all different types of palates.

The Amazonian contains acai, the Brazilian super berry, blueberries and goji berries.

The Vegan Matcha White Chocoalte contains matcha green tea powder.

Pistachio Hemptations contains the powerful nut and seed at the same time.

The Firecracker Cayenne Cinnamon Orange contains the power of chili peppers and cinnamon stick balanced by citrus.

All of Rawlcates chocolates are raw, vegan, paleo, low glycemic, gluten free, organic, soy free, kosher, and fair trade. In addition to dark chocolate, they make vegan milk chocolate and white chocolate.  

Discover all varieties in their Treatmo iOS store and order or gift in a tap to enjoy amazing superfood stoneground chocolate sweets made in Brooklyn.