Restaurants and local food makers expand business by shipping fresh or packaged food to customers

Food businesses reach customers nationally with mobile ordering technology

Do you crave the fresh green kale juice that you tried while visiting a Brooklyn juice bar?  Miss the tomato sauce from that pasta dish at an Italian restaurant in Manhattan? Now you can order both and more and have it shipped directly to your home to relive those great experiences without having to hop on a plane.

Restaurants and local food businesses are changing. Since there’s only so many customers that can be served during a day in any restaurant, many establishments are expanding by producing their popular items for order and shipment across the country to grow sales. Some food makers are building directly to fit the model. Instead of opening a store front or cafe, they are making their marquee product in a commercial kitchen, packaging it, marketing it, and shipping to order.

Fuel Juice Bar in Brooklyn, NY, ships juice cleanses nationally via Treatmo iOS app.

Fuel Juice Bar in Brooklyn, NY, ships juice cleanses nationally via Treatmo iOS app.

Many food business are realizing that what makes them popular locally, has the potential to give them national appeal. A food business based in New York City that has a fan in Los Angeles loses out if they don’t have something they can ship. For customers the boundaries are disappearing and they are anticipating that food can reach them however they want it. 

The brand community for many businesses and merchants is much larger than first look and provides opportunities to expand. With digital marketing, brands can connect with customers much more easily and take orders digitally without much effort.

One technology that gives food businesses of any size or business model instant ordering capability is the Treatmo. Treatmo app makes it easy for a business to create a storefront in minutes, add products or menu items, and offer a branded check out with shipping or local delivery charges easily integrated. The app allows for quick discovery of their business, has marketing features to increase loyalty, and offers the convenience of mobile ordering without any set-up expense or burden.

Sales of food and grocery is the fasted growing segment of digital shopping as consumers want to be able to order the food they like whenever they want. A mobile app like Treatmo makes it ship your tomato sauce or juice and for customers to discover it all in one place with many incentives to return again and again.