A Better Muffin To Help You Through Your Morning Rush By Peace A' Cake

I used to rush to work in midtown Manhattan, grab a giant blueberry muffin from a nearby coffee shop, and dash into the office. 

That was a daily routine. Each muffin cost around $4.00. I always felt I was reaching for comfort more than nutrition. Nonetheless, with that and coffee I could keep running until lunch.

Now there’s a new and better muffin alternative that adds up to both higher nutrition and lower expense. 

Peace A’ Cake came to be when founder Veronica tried her hand at vegan baking after an eye-opening moment when tasting her first vegan cake. She was immediately sold on the flavor, texture and the feeling of the dairy- and egg-free treat and became inspired. 

From experimenting at home to selling at the local Miami Whole Foods she hit a vein of interest for many, including me. Now that I’ve tried them, I’m hooked.

The early success brought in new energy and partner, Vanessa, who is today the CEO and owner. A sports nutritionist passionate about baking and fitness, Vanessa could see the opportunity for adding even more nutritional value to the treats, including protein. 

Peace A' Cake on Treatmo iOS App -- for quick ordering and discovery.

Peace A' Cake on Treatmo iOS App -- for quick ordering and discovery.

Retaining the healthy, all natural and allergen free (no nuts either) aspect of the treats, their PRO+ line was born. They also switched to grain free with the incorporation of cassava flour. All the treats are non-GMO and refined sugar free. The result is delicious and more than a muffin. In fact they have brownies and cookies now too.

From their own production facility located in Miami, they're able to guarantee high quality, diet-friendly treats. Whether you’re vegan, paleo, gluten free or just really hungry and short on time, these treats will appeal to you.

Peace A' Cake Double Chocolate Muffin with MetaMatcha matcha tea -- both on Treatmo.

Peace A' Cake Double Chocolate Muffin with MetaMatcha matcha tea -- both on Treatmo.

Vanessa knows what it's like to have a time deficit. As a wife and mother of two little girls, her average day runs from 5:00 AM to after Midnight. Mornings start with family and coordinating schedules and activities, before heading to the production facility. 

Together with Veronica the days at Peace A' Cake are focused on product, marketing, strategy, business development, research and events. Their efforts and inventiveness in the kitchen landed them an award for Best New Vegan Cookie at Expo West 2017 (a massive natural products trade show in Anaheim, California) by VegWorld Magazine. Their high protein, plant based cookies have 12 g of protein. You can read more about them here.

The Peace A' Cake team is constantly on the move to make their healthy treats accessible to more people. 

There is NO lack of excitement ever! But it feels super good to be able to create products I believe in and have passion for.
— Vanessa Hentz

Peace A' Cake is focused on helping others enjoy life more too with enabling treats. Wellness starts from within and snacks with real ingredients that taste fantastic help. From chocolate to white chocolate cranberry and oatmeal, you can find them on Treatmo. Shop in a tap to start enjoying life more on the go. 

You can order a pack of four muffins for $5.89. Shipping varies by region. But you'll come out ahead in both health and cost. Stock up for the month and store extras in the freezer to keep fresh.

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by Anna Zefferys, Founder and CEO, Treatmo