Make Hunger Pains Disappear with These Low Calorie Snacks

When you get hungry you may be tempted to reach for comfort snacks which can take the edge off those pangs, but probably won’t trim your waistline or satisfy you for very long. Instead, try these low calorie snacks from local and natural businesses in the Treatmo mobile marketplace that are a healthy way to alleviate an empty stomach.


Everyone is familiar with how good apples are for your health. But did you know that they can suppress your appetite as well. Since they have fiber they make you feel naturally full. Apples also regulate your blood sugar level and can raise your energy. Try these apple chip snacks from Fluffy Vegans which make snacking on apples throughout the day easy and fun.

Fluffy Vegans - Cinnamon Hug Apple Chips

Fluffy Vegans - Cinnamon Hug Apple Chips

Green Tea

Green tea, such as matcha tea, helps stabilize your blood sugar so you can manage your hunger better. A nice alternative to coffee, the caffeine effect in matcha tea is more balanced so you don’t have a energy high followed by a crashing low. Physical GraffiTea in NYC’s East Village sells matcha tea powder (with a 2-ounce minimum per order) along with many other green teas and they ship directly to your home or office.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Greens with a lot of fiber naturally make you feel full plus they have several other nutritional benefits - vitamins, protein, and antioxidants. Not used to adding dark greens to your diet? Try these delicious dried kale chips with robust flavoring from Lesedi Farm. Grown organically on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest, these kale chips can’t get any more farm fresh or natural.

Hot Sauce

Spiciness from chili peppers can reduce the urge to overeat. After all, when your mouth is burning from habaneros, serrano chilis or jalapeños, your less likely to keep eating. But these chilis also help naturally with appetite suppression. So try sprinkling hot sauce on your next meal. Silly Chilly Hot Sauce from Hoboken, NJ, makes organic, vegan, fresh chili sauce with three different heat levels. These amazing sauces will turn  you into a hot sauce fanatic!

Silly Chilly Hot Sauce - Serrano & Chipotle Smokey Hot Sauce

Silly Chilly Hot Sauce - Serrano & Chipotle Smokey Hot Sauce

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