4 Protein Snacks for Workout Power

No matter what type of workout you're into, having instant energy on hand to power through a crossfit session, weight routine, or dance class is crucial. Since exercising your body is a key to health, longevity, and looking great, it’s important to ensure your energy is constantly up to maximize time spent.

When most people want power for their workout, they think of protein. While energy to keep your body moving comes from calories, protein does help build muscle mass and regulate body systems to keep you going. It's important to have a good balance of both protein and carbs when exercising frequently. But when you want to satisfy the protein side of the equation, here are four snacks that make it easy to do. 

15 Grams of Protein - Protes Protein Chips

Believe it or not, you can cram 15 grams of protein into four ounces of chips. The key is pea protein--a protein rich plant based food. Baked with only natural ingredients, this snack gives you protein without the weight or grease. They're light and airy chips that pack a fiber and protein punch.

Protes Protein Chips on Treatmo

Protes Protein Chips on Treatmo

10 Grams of Protein - Pulse Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are the rage when it comes to getting clean protein. They are low in fat and high in fiber, as well as providing minerals and vitamins. One two ounce bag of Pulse contains 10 grams of protein in the form of delicious, crunchy chickpeas snacks that you can't stop popping into your mouth.

Pulse Roasted Chickpeas on  Treatmo

Pulse Roasted Chickpeas on Treatmo

10 Grams of Protein - Fat Uncle Farms Almonds

Almonds are a delicious way to get protein for your workout and also impact your health in a positive way. They contain healthy fats that are good for brain health and also improve heart health. They're also rich in magnesium and potassium which are important for the body, too. And, they're loaded with protein. Half a bag of Fat Uncle Farms almonds -- raw, roasted, or flavored -- provides 10 grams of powerful protein.

Fat Uncle Farms - Garlic & Herb Almonds on  Treatmo

Fat Uncle Farms - Garlic & Herb Almonds on Treatmo

6 Grams of Protein - Hi-FiBar Granola Bar

Snacking on granola bars is easy and tasty, especially when there's so much nutritional power in each bar. Hi-FiBar makes a crunchy and tasty granola bar from almonds, pepitas, oats, and sunflower seed kernels. Each bar has 6 grams of protein and it's easy to munch down two bars to get 12 grams of protein. They come in four flavors including the original coconut cranberry and without any added sugar. Try it out!

Hi-FiBar Snack Bars on  - Earn points with purchases for a free treat.

Hi-FiBar Snack Bars on  - Earn points with purchases for a free treat.

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