Ello Raw Dessert Bites Put Healthy Eating in Hand To Satisfy Sweet Cravings

Sleepless nights, tired mornings, your diet could be the problem. Eating more raw food might help you change the pattern.

Thankfully getting more raw food into your diet doesn’t have to mean increasing your daily consumption of uncooked carrots. In fact, if you could enjoy the flavor of cookie dough instead without the empty calories and negative health consequences, you might be inclined to eat it all the time, right?

New food entrepreneur and founder of Ello Raw out of Raleigh, North Carolina, makes that more possible than you may think. 

Becky Holmes’ raw dessert bites in cookie dough and pecan pie--to name just two--started in her dorm room at Duke University and gained speed as a fellow in the Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs program.

The dessert bites are raw, organic and non-GMO and free of animal products and a host of allergens. Made of nuts, oats, coconut, honey, dates, berries and spices, Ello Raw puts health, flavor and fun in a bite-sized and handy snack.

Even though the bites are raw and best kept in the refrigerator for freshness, they are shelf stable. Take them on road trips, to work, or on long hikes. Enjoy for a burst of nutrition and healthy energy pre- or post-workout, after school or while sitting at your desk. They also make great gifts.

Available in stores along the East Coast, Ello Raw is expanding and getting noticed. They attended the Natural Products Expo East in 2016 where they were identified as a top new exhibitor at the show. They also have a full store for easy ordering on Treatmo app.

The flavor combinations Becky created are fun, healthy and delicious and accessible to all diets. While a raw food diet is new to most people, Ello Raw’s snacks are made in a tasty format everyone can enjoy. If you love chocolate or coconut mixed with superfood ingredients you’ll find these quickly addictive.

Becky is intimately aware of the challenges of eating a healthy diet that confronts many Americans. Her background inspired her foray into food entrepreneurship. As a child, healthy food options were scarce, unaffordable and unfamiliar. Struggles early in life shaped the purpose behind Ello Raw. Knowing how directly good food and diet can change outlook and wellbeing helped shape her passion and company mission. 

Besides enabling a healthier relationship with food—the energy and zest for life that raw foods give you is incredible.
— Becky Holmes, Founder, Ello Raw

On a diet of whole and unprocessed food, your body receives pure nutrients. There’s also less worry about calorie counting: Indulge without consequences. And there is no limit to the flavor and texture you can experience with raw food--not to mention the feel good feeling after eating natural, unadulterated food when your body reacts to a fresh dose of vitamins and minerals that aren't in a pill.

Becky's enthusiasm for great tasting, healthy food permeates every aspect of her company. Even a slight increase to your daily consumption of raw food has benefits and there are more ways than ever to help with that. Her tip on how to start if you're new to raw food, "I recommend focusing on what's familiar at first. Start by adding a big smoothie to your day, and then a salad with veggies, nuts, and fruit. It's not too hard when you think of it that way!" 

And of course, adding more Ello Raw to your daily routine is a delicious way to start and keep going. To conquer stress, aide in focus, and improve metabolism for a more restful night's sleep, adding more raw food to your diet has direct health benefits.

Try Ello Raw's Cinnamon Donut, Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, Goji Cacao Brownie or Pecan Pie for adventure and health.

The treats are gluten free, soy free, refined sugar free, dairy free and egg free appealing to paleo and vegan diets. Shop and gift on Treatmo iOS app for fast ordering convenience and to chat with your friends about your favorites.