Mobile Commerce a Giant Opportunity for Natural Food Businesses

Shopping for food by mobile apps will soon surpass shopping online.

Consumers are becoming more familiar with using mobile apps for shopping which is a giant opportunity for natural food business to grow with the new sales channel.

Online sales will continue to grow and having a e-commerce strategy is just as important as a distribution strategy. But mobile sales through apps are now becoming a greater percentage of digital sales, as much as 40%. The crossover point is coming soon as mobile sales are expected to grow as much as 100% to 200% during the coming years and will soon surpass online sales.

While the web is still used for discovery, apps will be the main sales channel for repeat customers and for building loyalty. Apps offer a better shopping experience, easier checkout (with less abandonment), a smoother user interface, and are always on the user's phone screen. They also have higher sales than mobile websites.

Natural food products are ideal items for selling by mobile app. Customers want healthy organic food on demand and don’t have time to go shopping or spend time trying to discover new options. When it comes to snacking products which are now often replacing meals, they want to reorder quickly. They also want quick information about the products and the business which they can’t get from a store shelf or a complicated website. Mobile apps streamline all of these needs.

Customers also want to be able to specify how they want their products delivered simply. They may want it shipped overnight or they may want to pick it up locally. They may also want to pay in store when they're returning home after work. Mobile apps make it easier to integrate all delivery and pick up options with a simple tap.

In the near future, customers will also want artificial intelligence integrated into their shopping experience. They’ll want the business to respond to their preferences ahead of time, know what products they need to feel better, and when they should reorder. Mobile commerce has the ability to do that for businesses as e-commerce and selling on store shelves doesn't have this capability.

Gartner Says By 2017, U.S. Customers’ Mobile Engagement Behavior Will Drive Mobile Commerce Revenue to 50 percent of U.S. Digital Commerce Revenue
— May 2016, Forbes

Natural food businesses who don’t offer a mobile sales channel in the near future may miss a giant opportunity for growth and to adjust to the demands of the new shopping preferences of customers.

Treatmo mobile shopping app is an ideal platform for natural food businesses who want to offer m-commerce to their customers. The app creates a store front for each merchant to display their products and customers can order and reorder in a tap. The check out experience is simple and convenient and the enhanced selling features of Treatmo bring together buyers and sellers of natural food using the most efficient technology that today’s shoppers want and demand.

Treatmo’s marketplace technology also helps your business get discovered which can increase sales locally and nationally. Learn more about Treatmo for your business here.