Strategic Snacking to Manage Your Hunger

Relax and eat better snacks late night or during the day for a healthier diet. 

Losing weight or managing weight depends a lot on what you eat and how often you eat, and of course, how much you exercise. But all of that can be disrupted if you are a big snacker between meals or late at night. Most snacks are fairly high in saturated fats, sugars, sodium, and other ingredients detrimental to weight management and overall health. Here are five ways to strategically snack so that it doesn't impair your overall plan to look and feel great every day.

Healthy Snacks at Work

It can be tempting to visit the vending machine when you're hungry during office hours. However, most items available at or around work are not the best snacks for staying fit and strong. Instead, stock up on healthy snacks and keep them in your desk. Perk up your energy with delicious and healthy, dry roasted chickpea snacks. End those hunger cravings and enjoy the tasty crunch of chickpeas which provide protein and fiber to give you energy and make you feel full.

Snacking Before Dinner

Snacking before dinner is a sure way of adding unnecessary calories to your diet. If you have to do it, try something that doesn't have a lot of calories, is nutritious, and tastes scrumptious. Kale chips have fresh flavor and you can munch on them all you like. Kale also provides a range of vitamins and anti-oxidants which makes you better with every bite.

Snacking Late at Night

Out all night and just rolling home or hungry before bed after a big dinner cravings will lure you to the kitchen. Head it off with superfood snacks over everything else. Ello Raw makes organic raw superfood dessert bites which are dense balls of cacao, cashews, dates and healthful ingredients. These bites are spun into delicious combinations like donut and cookie dough that are fun to eat and delicious with a lot of nutritional benefits.

Snacking on the Road

Snacking in your car or drinking sugary drinks on the way to work or on a weekend road trip is easy to do and may feel harmless. After all, you need energy to navigate the highways and stay awake. If you want food that provides that energy, try pumpkin seed brittles by b Naked Chocolates. They're easy to hold and munch on while driving and provide the full power of super healthy pumpkin seeds with every bite with no downside. Try them plain, with cayenne, or cacao.

Snacking after a Workout

After a big workout or long run, the desire to snack is at its greatest! The body is craving calories and needs to replenish and rebuild. Getting a boost of protein without overdoing the sugars is crucial. So try protein chips by Protes made of pea powder--a vegetable source of protein and fiber along with other great nutrients. Munch on these all you like and feel your body recover quickly and in the best way possible.

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