Taste Arizona's Local Natural Food Offerings for Spring Training

Spring training is in full swing in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas during March and the atmosphere around the stadiums is high. With the games filling most of the afternoons and some evenings, the morning's are a perfect time to experience the local Arizona tastes.

Get to know the area and culture through local food makers and farmers. Arizona has no shortage of great food who produce amazing natural products with the organic ingredients often from small independent farms located around the metro area.

By tasting the items these top food makers produce, you'll enjoy the month of Cactus League baseball even more.

The OKB Barbecue Sauce

The OKB sauce is well known in the Phoenix area for its delicious flavor and natural ingredients. It's low in sugar and salt and uses no corn syrup. It has a tangy flavor and come from a family recipe that was developed in Kentucky back in 1838. The owners of the OKB call Phoenix home and are responsible for a lot of great tasting backyard BBQs throughout the entire Valley of the Sun.

Grate Roots Premium Horseradish

Horseradish this good goes well on just about everything. Spread it on your hotdog or burger, toss it into salads, and even spread it on toast. Grate Roots makes the best horseradish around. It's freshly grated and come in four flavors - Natural, Citrus, Ginger Lime, and Beet. They have a national following and they call Phoenix their home. Did your team just win today? Celebrate with a great Bloody Mary cocktail or cocktail and mix in their horseradish for the great fresh flavor.

Daddy's Gourmet Herbs and Sea Salt Infusions

When you want the freshest dried herbs to shake into most meals for a flavorful and nutritional boost, try Daddy's Gourmet. They have a small herb farm in the Phoenix area where they grow eight types of basil, along with lemongrass, oregano, marjoram, dill, cilantro, chili peppers and Mexican midget tomatoes.

They dry the basils and sell them by the variety or mix them into herb blends with Hawaiian or Himalayan salt. They have so much flavor you only need a little to make your food pop. Much more powerful than seasoning mixes you find in grocery stores, Daddy's Gourmet is the taste of fresh herbs grown organically in Arizona.

See their American food maker video on Treatmo's YouTube channel.

Terre Botanicals Savory Salts and Culinary Oils

When you want the intense flavor of specific ingredients such as basil, turmeric, tarragon, nutmeg, or lime, Terre Botanicals culinary oils and sea salt blends add magic to food. Their culinary oils require only a drop to give food an intense flavor and their sea salt blends are wonderful in soups and stews. Try the Herbs de Provence and Piment d'Ville salts.

b Naked Chocolates

Dark chocolate truffles with names like Mayan, Mystic Mint, Lemon Zinger, Cinnful Jamocha, and Ocean Drive are just a few of the amazing flavors of b Naked Chocolates. Their truffles are made with less than five ingredients with cacao, cashews, and maple syrup being the base. They satisfy that perfect chocolate craving without any downside and they're low in sugar. Want something more? Try their coconut macaroons and pumpkin seed brittles as nourishing and delicious snacks.

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