Get Protein on The Go with Protes Chips

Protein has been a big topic of conversation lately as the number of plant-based food options have been on the rise.

Yet, many of these foods that are gaining in popularity require preparation and aren’t ideal as snacks to eat on the way out of the gym.

So, what protein snacks are out there that you can eat on the go rather than protein bars, protein shakes, and maybe the occasional bag of nuts? This lack of options in protein-based snacks sparked an idea for the founders of Protes. 

The quest for developing a new protein snack started in 2012, when Ryan Wiltse and Krik Angacian were roommates in New York City working in finance. The two friends hit the gym regularly and after one post-workout protein bar too many decided to make their own protein snack. They came up with the idea for a protein chip and began experimenting with a recipe in their own kitchen. 

It took six months of testing and perfecting the recipe, but eventually Ryan and Krik developed a chip that was both healthy and delicious. The chips contain sunflower oil and pea protein (accounting for the 15 grams of protein in each serving), which have various health benefits that can be read about here. These chips are not only high in protein, but also non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. 

Ryan and Krik knew they were onto something with these chips, and it was only a matter of time before their apartment kitchen became too small for their plans. They founded Protes in 2013 and moved production to a commercial kitchen in Brooklyn, NY.

Protes Spicy Chili Lime

Protes Spicy Chili Lime

The friends take great joy in connecting with their consumers and are proud of the excitement driven by these chips that started out being made from scratch in their own home and are now in around 2000 stores across the U.S. and overseas. Shop from their website or their store on Treatmo iOS app for easy repeat ordering and gifting!

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by Michael Zabar, food lover and CPG Business Advisor at Treatmo