Refined Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Truffles A Worry Free Indulgence


These truffles combine healthy superfood ingredients for pure delight

If you grew up enjoying Hershey’s Kisses, but now want something a bit more indulgent and healthier, you may be ready to enjoy chocolate truffles from b Naked Chocolates.

A chocolate truffle is a ball of dense chewy chocolate that is usually rolled or coated in cocoa powder or chopped nuts. They are slightly larger than grapes and pack a serious chocolate punch.

If you crave chocolate but don’t shop it that often because of the high sugar content or because it’s just too easy to plow through the entire bar, then a chocolate truffle may be the best way to get your chocolate fix. High quality chocolate truffles from b Naked Chocolates on Treatmo are free of refined sugar, densely packed with cacao, and make portion control much simpler.

b Naked Chocolates, a small batch chocolate maker from Scottsdale, Arizona, makes luxuriously decadent truffles from cacao, cashews, maple syrup, and filtered water. These natural ingredients make them a perfect bite of rich chocolate goodness that without the added worry that comes with eating too many empty calories from bad sugars and fats.

These truffles also maximize the healthful qualities of cacao since they have a high cacao content (85%) with antioxidants, limited sugar, and the benefits of protein from the cashews. b Naked Chocolate's truffles are a treat for your taste buds and also a treat for your body.

b Naked Chocolates sells their truffles on treatmo iOS app and has 15 flavors including the Slow Burn Truffle with cayenne, the Naked Joy Truffle with wild crafted vanilla bean, Mystic Mint Mayhem Truffle with peppermint oil, and the Dreamsicle Truffle with almonds and orange oil.

The truffles come in 6 piece boxes as well as assortment boxes of 15 or 30 pieces. Perfect for yourself as a guilt free indulgence and wonderful as a gift. Download Treatmo for ordering and shipment across the U.S. See how it works for gifting too!