5 Exquisite Gifts For The Foodie in Your Life


Food gifts for serious food lovers.

Shopping for a friend who loves food is never easy. But gifting them items that are under the radar, crafted by local makers and focused on natural ingredients might be a way to surprise them with something new.

For the food lover that has a hankering for real flavor and handcrafted, small batch natural food, shopping on Treatmo is the first place to start looking for gifts. Here are a few from the Treatmo marketplace to order now.

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel

A beautiful blend of aromatic and spicy herbs, Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is great served cold, warm or on ice. This complexly flavored and premium sorrel is a great pre- or post-dinner drink. The taste is uplifting, and it's wonderful to drink on its own, with appetizers or dessert. Handmade in Brooklyn, New York.

Sanctuary Vegan Cheeze

Challenge your preconceived notion of dips and spreads and try Sanctuary Vegan Cheeze. Their plant and nut based cheeze's are incredible on toast, crackers and sandwiches. They are also fantastic fillings for pastries and pasta. Hand crafted in Mojave, California.

Peri Peri Sauce

Made with the Peri Peri chilli and natural fruit juice, Lesedi Farm's sweet and spicy sauce adds exceptional flavor to meat, seafood and savory treats. Prepared by a native Botswanian with natural ingredients, no preservatives or gums, this is a delicious and complex sauce to enjoy with all kinds of food. Handcrafted in Freeland, Washington.

Terre Botanicals

For the adventurous and curious cook, Terre Botanicals makes herb infused salts and sugars as well as culinary oils, like turmeric. A drop in tea, smoothies, cooking, or dressing amps up nutrition and flavor like you've never experienced. Explore their delicious seasonings and baking products for inventing new food and flavor in your own kitchen. Handmade in Scottsdale, Arizona.

JPP Apothecary

Dense bone broths and healthy ghee rich in flavor are best enjoyed from small farms where the animals are grass fed (and grass finished) and well cared for to bring out optimal nutrition. JPP Apothecary (formerly, Nourished Foods), makes bone broths from cow, bison and chicken using heirloom recipes sourcing from local Arizona farms. Delivering in Arizona from Treatmo and shipping across the country, their premium organic broths and ghee are game changers in the kitchen. Handcrafted in Phoenix, Arizona.

Grate Roots

Forget what you know about horseradish and start here. The texture and taste of Grate Roots flavored horseradish products are sodium free, organic and zesty. A teaspoon a day of premium organic horseradish is actually known to be a cancer fighter. But it's also great on oysters, with fish, in Bloody Mary's, with eggs and potatoes. In other words, try it with everything and feel better eating it. Handcrafted in Scottsdale, Arizona. 


Enjoy shopping from local farmers and food makers on Treatmo App. Go to the App Store to download now. See how it works for ordering and gifting in a tap.