Instead of Croutons Sprinkle on Kale

Double up and get more flavor and nutrition from every bite by adding a healthy topping. 

If you're someone who equates healthy eating with salad, you're missing out on a lot. Healthy eating doesn't have to mean plain. Fluffy Vegans knows that best of all. 

Founded in Arizona and selling their creative and spicy kale chips and dried fruit in the Treatmo marketplace, Fluffy Vegans makes healthy delicious. If you are in fact making a salad because it's easy and your starting point for a healthier diet, try adding a shake of Fluffy Vegans Kale Krumble.

There isn't a kale snack quite like what the founders of the company--Kimberly and Casey--have crafted. They dehydrate their kale and add maple syrup, peppers, lemon and a few other smart ingredients like walnuts--a super powerful food--that make their snacks delicious. Forget what you know about kale snacks, these are really good. 

So do add some salad to your salad, sandwich, pasta, baked potato, and eggs. 

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