Match the Energy of Big Game Athletes with These Power Foods


Inspired by the players in championship football games? Try these amazing energy foods and beverages to give yourself the competitive edge.

Watching pro athletes compete in championship games is usually an inspiration to try harder at whatever you do. Maintaining top performance at such high stress levels takes time and practice, but the techniques can be applied daily to developing fitness and energy levels that match these amazing athletes.

Eating food packed with nutrition and energy is a great place to start. The body has amazing potential when it is fueled properly and consistently. These five beverages and snacks are sure to give you the lift you need to cross the bar into championship form no matter what you do and especially if you're working out or competing intensely on the field.

TruEnergy Sports Shot

TruEnergy is a cutting edge sports energy shot made from coconut water, green tea, and vitamins. It comes in a shot size bottle and was created by elite athletes for athletes to optimize performance. TruEnergy is infused with natural ingredients and antioxidant rich polyphenols. Key vitamins, including eight B-complex along with A and E, support elevated cognition and help convert protein into the fuel you need for success.


MetaBrew is a superfood coffee beverage designed to keep you going through your workouts and recover quickly. The innovative energy beverage combines cold brew coffee with cacao, cashew butter, and MCT oils that helps with muscle endurance and recharges your energy for consistently high level performance without the lows. (Order for delivery in NYC only).

b Naked Chocolates Brittles

Pumpkin seeds are in high demand this year as an energy food. Packed with protein, they deliver concentrated amounts of minerals such as zinc and Vitamin E as well. The protein punch is significant and is a clean source of the nutrient so you can build muscle and sustain power over hours of intense activity. b Naked Chocolates makes pumpkin seed brittles that are like a snack bar, but contain only pumpkin seeds with a bit of maple syrup. They offer several flavors (plain, pumpkin spice, cayenne) but also with cacao (pictured) so you get extra nutrition.

Hi-Fibar Snack Bars

For the athletic devotee who needs smart healthy fuel, Hi-FiBar snack bars have solved the equation and done it in the best way possible. Whether it’s Smoked Paprika, Lemon Zest Blueberry, or the original Coconut Cranberry, each bar is loaded with five to six grams of protein and six to seven grams of fiber. The high protein, high fiber combination provides the ideal slow burn energy needed to sustain any aerobic activity over time.

The snack bars are a crunchy granola-like combination of almonds, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), sunflower seed kernels and oats, all of which come together in tasty bites with no sugar added. By not adding sugar, Hi-FiBar has a low glycemic index which means it won’t cause a spike in blood sugar, fatigue, weight gain, mood swings or hunger cravings. It's also helpful for those with diabetes and other blood sugar conditions.

Farmhouse Chocolates

Sometimes a good old chocolate bar is what you need to keep you going at full speed on the field, path, or court. If you want high quality chocolate without body slowing ingredients, try Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream from Vermont. These bars have all of the good stuff, are vegan, and will give you the energy you need during or after your game or workout.

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