A Healthier Margarita Mocktail with Authentic Flavoring


Nothing says party like margarita. But if you're tired of salty mixes and high sugar blended frozen juice, this fresh and authentically flavored alternative is for you. 

This alcohol free, fresh spice and fruit margarita requires no blending, and with the mix of fresh organic spices delivers the most authentic flavor of any margarita mocktail (or cocktail) we've tried. This recipe is also going to be better for your health.

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There's a trick to this recipe, and it's a tasty one! Using local farm grown herbs from Daddy's Gourmet, this margarita mocktail is delicious! Get the recipe on Treatmo.com and Shop Daddy's Gourmet store on Treatmo iOS App.

Many recipes recommend limeade which is a high fructose corn syrup frozen blend from the freezer aisle of the grocery store. We took a creative and fresh approach with a healthier concoction that in addition to flavor, adds a good dose of healthy fruit and spice to your diet. 

Recipe (one serving)

1 lime
1 small grapefruit
a pinch of fresh ginger
1/4 teaspoon of Daddy's Gourmet Island herb mix, crushed
Daddy's Gourmet Margarita Rim Salt
(optional) Agave if you prefer a sweeter margarita
For ice cubes - whole frozen fruit -- your choice or four small ice cubes

Secret Ingredient

The secret ingredient is Daddy's Gourmet. Their Island spice is organic and fresh from their farm in Mesa, Arizona. It has dried key lime, lime basil, black Hawaiian sea salt, lemon thyme and habenero--all perfectly suited for s spicy lime kick to your margarita. 

Daddy's Gourmet rim salt also has dried key lime, serrano chile, cilantro and black Hawaiian sea salt. 

Add these two ingredients and you'll have a margarita mocktail or (cocktail) that's on par or better than a crafted drink from any New York mixologist. 

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