Leela Ryan Organic Dog Biscuits For The Well Treated Dog

Fruit is not only good for you, it’s good for your dog too. If you’ve ever treated your dog to strawberries or blueberries, you’ll know some like fruit even more than their humans.

Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits knows this from founder Vanessa Malzahn's own experience with her dog, the eponymous Leela. The occasions when Vanessa visits Union Square Farmers Market in New York City, Leela is right alongside enjoying tastes of fresh fruit with her as they stroll. 

Leela’s love for fruit and Vanessa’s observations of existing dog treats on the shelf led to a pivotal moment in their life. Tired of fingers smelling of savory and greasy dog treats like liver bites, and trying to find clean products, one’s without a long list of bad ingredients, Vanessa started to make her own inspired by what Leela loves to eat.

Made simply and with a lot of love in New York City, Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits come in three grain free, oat-based organic styles that dogs love.

Banana Pudding has bananas and peanut butter (the only way Leela will eat bananas)

Tarte Aux Pommes (Apple Pie) with apples and cinnamon will have you dreaming of trips with your dog to Paris and your dog dreaming of their next treat

Wild Berry Scones inspire the wonder of summer weekends with strawberries and blueberries and running through green pastures.

Notably all ingredients are 100% sourced from growers within the United States.

Leela Ryan Dog All Natural Biscuits

Leela Ryan Dog All Natural Biscuits

While the name of each style might take you to far off corners of your imagination, the treats are made with solid awareness of what might be harmful to your pet and are thus free of soy, wheat, corn and preservatives. Something else makes them different from what you normally see—the packaging. 

Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits "For The Well Treated Dog" come in three all natural flavors.

Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits "For The Well Treated Dog" come in three all natural flavors.

Dog treats are great as gifts to other dog owners but are often lacking in appealing packaging and trust-worthy ingredients. Vanessa considered these aspects in the development of Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits not only in respect to the quality of the food in the bag, but the aesthetic of the package design. 

The pouch design has a clear window to view the treats inside and comes in three pastel colors, each matching the fruit combination of the biscuit. It’s fair to say the chic packaging makes the crunchy and tasty treats look like food humans would eat. In fact, the treats are clean enough that they could (I can confirm). 

For Vanessa--a New York City lawyer by trade--the entrepreneurial journey has kept her and Leela running on the move, but has been hugely rewarding.

I am happy every single day knowing that all my work is going into something I not only believe in, but something that I created.
— Vanessa Malzahn, Founder, Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits

For dogs with diet sensitivities and owners looking for meatless food options, Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits provides a sense of relief. If your dog has kidney problems or chicken allergies, these are healthy gluten free and plant-based dog treats they will love.

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Leela Ryan Dog Biscuits are as close to homemade as can be with the touch of someone who truly cares about what your dog eats. 

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By Anna Zefferys, CEO and Founder, Treatmo - Fresh and natural food in a tap!